A customer testimonial so good, it could be our new commercial

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Sam Redman caught up with Bruce and Shawn Kulik at the Chicago Abilities Expo. When Sam asked Bruce to say a few words about his wife’s new Redman Power Chair. What happened next was a surprise to all of us – the most glowing words we’ve heard in a long time! Thank you, Bruce and Shawn. We love that you love your new power chair!

What a great Thank You note from Bob & Karen Nedens, one of our Redman Power Chair customers!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013



















Thank you so much for the pedicure – it still looks awesome!
Thank you for all you did for us to remain in a Redman Chair!
Bob & Karen Nedens
All of you at Redman!
We had so much fun – the trip was flawless as both chairs made it without any damage.
Sam you were so right this new chair is light years ahead of the old one! We have been learning new things everyday this it does.
When we got home Dr. Shank called us and had us meet her Wednesday for a film shoot as she was doing a presentation in Bozeman for Rehab Docs on July 30th. She said she would send it to us – then we can forward it on to you – she thought maybe you can use it. She was really impressed with the new chair!
We were delayed in Denver with hail storm. Always keep Roho cushion from now on.

Dianne gets her new Chief 107 ZRx with Custom Paint

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Dianne Arbec is delighted with her new custom Orange Flame paint job on her Redman Chief 107 ZRx. Dianne had her choice of all the power chairs in the available, and she chose a Redman. Why? She wanted a chair with lots of power and maneuverability, and the Chief 107 ZRx has the best in its class.

8 Things to Look for in a Power Chair

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

When you are in the market for a power chair there are a lot of questions and it’s not always easy to know what you are looking for. Though we stand by our chair 100%, it might not be right for everyone. In any case, we put together 8 things to look for in a power chair to help you find your perfect fit:

1Comfort – In many cases a power chair is someone’s only form of mobility and spending a lot of time in one warrants a chair that is comfortable to avoid potential troubles like pressure sores or overall discomfort. Make sure your power chair has the comfort and support you need so as to not interfere with your power chair experience.

2Adjustability – If you are in a power chair all day, it is important to have one that adjusts because the health benefits of standing are enormous–even chairs that tilt can offer much relief on the other parts of the body. Adjustability can be an excellent means of therapy if you are always in your chair.

3Shear Mechanism – Shear is friction on the skin caused by being dragged across a surface and a chair that reduces shear is much more comfortable. If your chair adjusts, look for one with a good shearing mechanisms so your chair moves with you and not against you.

4 Speed – If you are only using your power chair at home, speed doesn’t matter much. If you like to get out, ask about how fast your chair can go if you are interested in speed; some go up to 11 mph and a few are able to go off road too!

5Trained Staff and Technicians – Buying a power chair is much more personal than buying a car so look for a company with a trained staff who will make sure they find the right fit for YOU. If you spend most of your time in your power chair you don’t want an uncustomized chair because every “body” is different.

6Fit – You should look for a power chair that fits your body type because one chair does not fit all. The height of your power chair, if not specific to your height can cause improper posture, back pain and general discomfort especially if your chair adjusts. Make sure you find a power chair that also gives you enough room with the type of clothes you wear, supports your weight and can maneuver around your house.

7Battery – Battery life is important when out and about for long periods of time. Make sure your power chair’s battery lasts as long as you need it to, is easily charged and you can even look for power-to-go chargers that charge your power chair right from your car!

8Quality of Parts – Power chairs can be expensive so after purchasing one you want the parts to last a long time. High quality parts and high quality welding will make for a sturdy wheelchair so make sure to ask about what your chair is made of and if you can, inspect the welding or ask for a trained technician to show you.

The Redman 2013 Chief 107-ZRx is the total package; but use this guide when you are shopping for your next power chair, it will help.  As always, give us a call if you have any questions, or click here to contact us.

Redman Power Chair at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

It’s that time again! Redman Power Chair will be at the Abilities Expo in Los Angles this March 15th-17th.  We will be bringing our latest model, the 2013 Chief 107-ZRx for you to experience for yourself.  Stop by our booth and talk to us about all of the new features of our latest model, take it for a spin, and learn about all of the new and exciting things to come at Redman Power Chair. (more…)

Holiday Greetings and 2013 Preview

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

We’d like to take  a moment to say thank you for all your support this year. We’ve had a great year thanks to our loyal customers, and the new year promises to be filled with wonderful new things from Redman Power Chair. We haven’t been idle…we’ve been working on our future, and the new year will usher exciting new changes.

We have a lot of new accessories available for the Chief 107ZRx that have never been seen! We’ll be rolling those out just after the first of the year. These new accessories are made to enhance the quality of your life, and will be available for all of our chairs.

The Redman team will be traveling to more trade shows in the new year, too, so you’ll have an opportunity to visit with us in person and see the latest features.

Redman Power Chair Standing Tilt Technology vs Traditional Tilt in Space

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

The Medicare review board has determined that the Redman Standing Power Chair has “tilt in space” functionality, a feature with crucial health benefits covered by them, but the Redman Power Chair has so much more. You know that the features in the Redman Power Chair are what sets it apart from its competition, the chair comes equipped with a plethora of features STANDARD and has numberous additional options to choose from, but one standard option has benefits that even insurance companies recognize as important, tilt in space. In order to determine if this is a good fit for you, you might ask yourself what is tilt in space functionality? Why do I need it, and how does traditional tilt differ from what the Redman Power Chair can do?

Tilt in space is a technology on some power chairs and wheelchairs that rotates the chair on its base so that pressure is redistributed from one area of the body to another while maintaining the angles the body is in.  It can be an excellent means of increasing skin perfusion by relieving pressure and allowing weight to be distributed in different areas of the body, reducing the risk of postural collapse, and increasing lung capacity.  But because the body stays in the same position, the user is unable to get the full benefit of stretching, reclining, and even tilting while standing, all standard features of the Redman Power Chair. Traditional tilt does not truly reposition your body, it only changes your place in space.

Not only does the Redman Power Chair have tilt in space technology, but it offers standing tilt and weight-bearing tilt features that deliver even more benefits to its users among other features and specifications. Weight-bearing tilts slow down the progression of osteoporosis by allotting pressure to different joints and bones on the body.  Standing tilt allows the power chair user to stretch their body in a way traditional tilt does not allow.  Rather than simply changing angles and redistributing pressure, the ligaments are stretched and weight is shifted off the rear-end and onto the feet.  This also allows blood flow where it can’t otherwise when confined to the seated position.

Being seated in a wheelchair or powerchair for endless hours weakens your spine, and the lack of function in the legs in most cases causes foot pronation.  Having the ability to shift your weight off of your back and buttox allows you to stretch the heel cords to prevent possible deformities.  If that wasn’t enough, when you are able to recline, the mid-section opens up and the bladder and bowels function better as gravity does its job proving the worth of these features over traditional tilt.

The benefits are endless; improved posture and lung capacity, less risks, and overall relief for your body.  When you can reposition and stretch your body, you reduce the risk of sliding and slumping without restraints, you regain posture, and you better body function.  With the Redman Power Chair, you are able to tilt, stretch, recline, and stand independently and with ease.

Recognize the benefits of tilting, reclining, and stretching.  Understand the advantages of having all of these functions available at your fingertips, and consider how the Redman Chief Power Chair can improve your life.

Want to try it for yourself?  For your free in-home demo, give us a call or click here.

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Conquer the 2012 Holiday Season with 6 Tips from Redman

Monday, November 19th, 2012

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is scrambling to get their holiday shopping taken care of, and fast.  Having a solid plan of action can be an extremely beneficial component in making sure your shopping experience is a positive one, because shopping in a power chair or wheelchair has its perks and setbacks.  Keep these tips in mind so as to not be overwhelmed and overburdened with this holiday task.

1. Sleep Well

Nothing can prepare us better for the following morning than the night before, and nothing beats a good night’s rest. Though your feet might not get tired in your Redman Power Chair, you can still wear yourself out, and your good holiday cheer can turn into the ba-humbug’s pretty quickly when you’re tired.

2. Be Prepared

Make a list, stick to it, research the stores you are going to before you go there and map out where the products are located so that you can get in and out quickly.  If you have a smart phone, there are several resources for locating products in a store, try Good Guide, and ShopSavy. These apps let you scan a barcode and not only will it tell you exactly where in the store that item is located, but whether or not the price is right.

3. Keep Sustained

Before you head out, make sure you eat a balanced breakfast and pack yourself a snack for later on in the day if you don’t plan on stopping for a meal.  Trail mixes and Smart Water are great tools to keep on hand. Nuts offer an excellent source of protein, and Smart Water has electrolytes to keep your body working to the best of its ability.  Keep yourself hydrated and full to maintain energy throughout the day. And don’t forget take frequent breaks, stretching your limbs when you can.

4.Shop with Positive People

A smile is contagious and negativity can be is as well. Shopping with a positive person can keep your morale up, and having a an extra bit of help can make maneuvering in cluttered stores and holding shopping bags a bit easier. Shop with someone that can match your speed and drive to get things done, but one that can also pick up on hints, like when you’re tired, or need help.

5. Re-think Your Gifts

We all love online shopping, and with the right planning, it’s the only solution you need.  Plan ahead and get as much shopping done online as you can to avoid the nightmares that come along with mall shopping before the holidays. Gift-cards and vouchers are also an excellent alternative to mall shopping, and your gift is guaranteed to be what they wanted (after all, they picked it out themselves).

6. Relax

The holidays come EVERY year, and you don’t have to get every single thing on your list.  Only do what you can, and never over-exert yourself.  Gift-giving should be fun, not tedious, and when you feel like you’ve overdone it, call a quits! Spending time with family is the best gift of the season.

Keep these tips in mind, and happy shopping from the Redman team!

Redman welcomes our new team members, Brian and Rosa.

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Brian has a rich history with motorcycle design, fabrications, and repair, all excellent skills that carry over well to our fabrication team. Brian is currently training to “kit” the chairs, which is where we bring all the parts together for assembly. He’s a real team player and we are very happy to have him on board.




Rosa is bilingual and comes to us with a wealth of knowledge of insurance processes, having a background in medical billing. Rosa is a certified coder, and is proficient in medical terminology, an important skill when working to get insurance approvals for new Redman Power Chair users!

EasyStand, Standing Frames, Mobile Standers & the Redman Power Chair Comparison

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

It has been proven that standing exercises and therapies drastically improve the quality of life of power chair users, but it can often be a trivial task determining exactly what therapy or standing device is right for them.  For many, a standing frame is the answer, but in too many cases, patients tire of standing frames because of the difficult task to transfer into them and lack of mobility. The Redman Power Chair team provides a product that eliminates the problems of the standing frame and gives its users more independence and access to a way of life they never thought possible.

Redman and Easystand comparision photo

Redman Power Chair (left) EasyStand (right)

What is a Standing Frame? The Standing Frame or Stander is an assistive technology that allows disabled person into the standing position. Users generally need assistance to transfer themselves into the frame while in the sitting position and utilize a range of controls to maneuver into the standing position.  Standing frames like EasyStand and StandAid are an innovative form of technology used in hospitals, rehabs, and in-home, and can be used as exercise or stretching equipment. Standing frames come in several different makes and models and offer varied positions. If you haven’t yet, read about the health benefits of standing to truly understand the benefit and impact these devices have on their users and take a look at this:

  • Participants in a study by lost almost no bone mineral density when being involved in early loading exercises (like standing) as opposed to 6.9-9.4% loss in sedentary patients
  • According to CNN, insulin works 40% better when our muscles are firing, and they do so when standing
  • Getting spinal injury patients into the upright position daily is beneficial for circulation and kidney function – Professor Jan Ritchie from UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Though they are a much-needed resource for power chair users, standing frames have their flaws. Generally speaking, standing frames are NOT mobile—in fact, there are very few mobile standing frames on the market at all. Some noted manufacturers include the Easy Stand and the StandAid, yet most of these devices are bulky and because of this, are difficult to maneuver in small spaces. Additionally, mobile standers aren’t meant for round-the-clock use and people who use mobile standers still need a wheelchair for mobility outside the home, hospital, or rehab center.  They are large, difficult to operate, and in many cases use a crank (impossible for use by quadriplegics) .   The difficulty in operation and transfer often causes the user to rely on a caregiver, lessening their independence. They are simply for use as therapy.

You cannot deny that standing is extremely beneficial to those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair.  The importance of increased blood flow to the body, improved circulation, and increased bone mineral density support standing frames, but there is plenty of room for improvement.  Because standing frames are difficult to transfer in to and lack full-mobility, over time, users stop using their standers and they end up collecting dust or becoming an expensive clothes rack.  Having one device for mobility proves to be beneficial for matter of convenience and ease of use.  The Redman Standing Power chair does much more for its user than traditional standing frames.  In fact, over 70% of Redman users had a standing frame like the EasyStand Evolv before they switched to the Redman Chief 107-ZRx, and here’s why they switched:

  • The Redman Power Chair is a full mobility stander, recliner and a power chair in one
  • Easy transfer from the chair, the Chief 107-ZRx has adjustable arms and lifts for easy transfer–complaints with the EasyStand and StandAid often address difficult transfer
  • Unlike other scooters or power chairs, the Redman Power Chair delivers power recline and 90 degree leg elevation standard
  • Power chairs drive at about 4-6 mph on average, the Redman Chief 107-XRx can hit speeds up to 9mph
  • Uneven streets and rough terrain are easily conquered by the Redman chair with its 4” ground clearance and superior maneuverability
  • The Chief 107-ZRx supports almost 100lbs more weight than its competitors
  • Redman offers an unprecedented warranty of parts, labor AND wear components standard
  • We have been working on only ONE chair for the past 20 years and our product is a reflection of that


A standing frame is around 3500 out of pocket. Standing frames are not  covered by insurance, but neither is a power chair. Why use the money you could be putting towards a Redman standing power chair on something inferior? Medicare is a provider for our power chair with proper documentation. With co-insurance out of pocket expense could be minimal.

To learn more about the Redman Power Chair, compare the Redman Chief 107-ZRx to its competitors and see how they measure up.  When looking to improve your quality of life with a quality product, you have to know what makes it special. The Redman Standing Power Chair is the COMPLETE standing mobility solution.  Request a free demo and we will show you how this chair can improve your quality of life.