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A Physical Therapist comments on Chair-a-py

David Chapman and Sandra Holt, PT at Good Samaritan Hospital Rehabilitation Center in Washington State. David got a chance to test drive the Redman Power Chair with Sandra by his side, and as you can see on the video they are impressed.

“I like the fact that this chair puts David into hip extension”, I do try to recommend that all my patients with spinal cord injury’s assume a prone position as part of their home exercise program. This chair does somewhat simulate that position in order to stretch their hip flexers and stretch out their abdominals which is an important part of their home program.”

Only the Redman Power Chair allows you to stretch your lower lumbar and midsection to get these benefits!

For a great example of the “Chair-a-putic” capabilities of the Redman Power Chair, take a look at this video.

For more information or to get a free test drive of the Redman Power Chair, contact us now.


Elizabeth Glass performs Cheerleading routine

ElizabethGlassWe love it when our customers send us videos showing all the ways they use their Redman Power Chair. In this video Elizabeth Glass is doing a cheerleading routine at her school. Thanks Elizabeth, for sending us such a heartwarming, fun video of you using your powerchair!





Redman Power Chair will be at The Abilities Expo Houston!

2013 Abilities Expo Houston
Haven’t had the chance to see the Redman Power Chair in person yet? Want to experience the feeling of standing, reclining, and more, all in one powerchair? Come visit us at the Abilities Expo Houston, August 2-4 in booth 428 and find out for yourself why so many users choose Redman Power Chair. To learn more about the Abilities Expo, who it benefits, and to see what other vendors will be there, visit

Hours: Fri. 11-AM-5 PM, Sat. 11 AM-5 PM, Sun 11 AM-4PM

See you all there!


A customer testimonial so good, it could be our new commercial

We caught up with Bruce and Shawn Kulik at the Chicago Abilities Expo. When we asked Bruce to say a few words about his wife’s new Redman Power Chair. What happened next was a surprise to all of us – the most glowing words we’ve heard in a long time! Thank you, Bruce and Shawn. We love that you love your new power chair!


What a great Thank You note from Bob & Karen Nedens, one of our Redman Power Chair customers!



















Thank you so much for the pedicure – it still looks awesome!
Thank you for all you did for us to remain in a Redman Chair!
Bob & Karen Nedens
All of you at Redman!
We had so much fun – the trip was flawless as both chairs made it without any damage.
You were so right this new chair is light years ahead of the old one! We have been learning new things everyday this it does.
When we got home Dr. Shank called us and had us meet her Wednesday for a film shoot as she was doing a presentation in Bozeman for Rehab Docs on July 30th. She said she would send it to us – then we can forward it on to you – she thought maybe you can use it. She was really impressed with the new chair!
We were delayed in Denver with hail storm. Always keep Roho cushion from now on.


Guy Fieri of the Food Network visits with Elizebeth Glass

Elizabeth was nice enough to send us this picture she got with Guy Fieri of the Food Network. Guy is on several food shows and owns his own restaurants. We were in Dublin, CA and happened to be “standing” in front of one of his restaurants, and he came out to meet us. He said that he was really into hydraulics and mechanical devices, and was curious to see how the chair worked. He was impressed by the way it functioned and told us so. As you can see by the picture, “Ellie” was standing up.

IMG_1582 IMG_1583


Dianne gets her new Chief 107 ZRx with Custom Paint

Dianne Arbec is delighted with her new custom Orange Flame paint job on her Redman Chief 107 ZRx. Dianne had her choice of all the power chairs in the available, and she chose a Redman. Why? She wanted a chair with lots of power and maneuverability, and the Chief 107 ZRx has the best in its class.


Come See Redman Power Chair at The New York Metro Abilities Expo


Redman Power Chair will be showcasing the 3013 Chief 107 ZRx at the New York Metro Abilities Expo; if you or any one you know will be in the area May 3-4, come on by to see the latest and greatest advancements in standing power wheelchairs.

Here’s Where We’ll Be Located: Booth 723 Floorplan_expoTo learn more about the Abilities Expo, who it benefits, and to see what other vendors will be there, check out their website for the New York Metro times, dates, and vendors at .  See you all there!


Redman at ABIL’s 2013 Health and Wellness Fair

ABILRedman Power Chair will be at the ABIL (Arizona Bridge for Independent Living)’s 4th Annual Disability Empowerment Center 2013 Health and Wellness Fair this Friday and Saturday April 26-27.  Attendance is FREE and it is an excellent fair that delivers multiple education and exhibitions to the public about various disabilities and illness. Redman Power Chair will be among the exhibitors and would love to see you stop by for fun, prizes, and great food!  The Health and Wellness Fair will be at the Disability Empowerment Center (DEC) of AZ Campus, 5025 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034.  Visit to learn more about the fair and get the two day schedule.  See you there!


8 Things to Look for in a Power Chair

When you are in the market for a power chair there are a lot of questions and it’s not always easy to know what you are looking for. Though we stand by our chair 100%, it might not be right for everyone. In any case, we put together 8 things to look for in a power chair to help you find your perfect fit:

1. Comfort – In many cases a power chair is someone’s only form of mobility and spending a lot of time in one warrants a chair that is comfortable to avoid potential troubles like pressure sores or overall discomfort. Make sure your power chair has the comfort and support you need so as to not interfere with your power chair experience.

2.  Adjustability – If you are in a power chair all day, it is important to have one that adjusts because the health benefits of standing are enormous–even chairs that tilt can offer much relief on the other parts of the body. Adjustability can be an excellent means of therapy if you are always in your chair.

3. Shear Mechanism – Shear is friction on the skin caused by being dragged across a surface and a chair that reduces shear is much more comfortable. If your chair adjusts, look for one with a good shearing mechanisms so your chair moves with you and not against you.

4. Speed – If you are only using your power chair at home, speed doesn’t matter much. If you like to get out, ask about how fast your chair can go if you are interested in speed; some go up to 11 mph and a few are able to go off road too!

5. Trained Staff and Technicians – Buying a power chair is much more personal than buying a car so look for a company with a trained staff who will make sure they find the right fit for YOU. If you spend most of your time in your power chair you don’t want an uncustomized chair because every “body” is different.

6. Fit – You should look for a power chair that fits your body type because one chair does not fit all. The height of your power chair, if not specific to your height can cause improper posture, back pain and general discomfort especially if your chair adjusts. Make sure you find a power chair that also gives you enough room with the type of clothes you wear, supports your weight and can maneuver around your house.

7. Battery – Battery life is important when out and about for long periods of time. Make sure your power chair’s battery lasts as long as you need it to, is easily charged and you can even look for power-to-go chargers that charge your power chair right from your car!

8. Quality of Parts – Power chairs can be expensive so after purchasing one you want the parts to last a long time. High quality parts and high quality welding will make for a sturdy wheelchair so make sure to ask about what your chair is made of and if you can, inspect the welding or ask for a trained technician to show you.

The Redman 2013 Chief 107-ZRx is the total package; but use this guide when you are shopping for your next power chair, it will help.  As always, give us a call if you have any questions, or click here to contact us.




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