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When Everyday Life Feels Too Difficult

Often times, the biggest difference in overcoming a difficult situation comes from having, or not having, access to the right information. Those in wheelchairs are no stranger to both the physical and emotional difficulties presented by day-to-day life in our world. Though these difficulties may seem very different from one another, they often go hand in hand.

Emotional difficulties can make life seem like a never ending struggle and leave one feeling hopeless about a bright future ahead. In this case, becoming more informed may help one to understand or better communicate their feelings to both themselves and others. Are you feeling hurt? Cheated? Angry, or jealous? Putting words to your feelings could be the first step in improving them. 

As you take a deeper look at your emotions, you may start to see the real life situations that have contributed to your feelings. Maybe you’ve experienced disrespect or belittlement, felt left out, or insecure when questioned by others about your abilities.

These situations have real consequences and can take a toll on your mental health. Being proactive and taking steps to exercise and take care of your brain can be just as beneficial as exercising your body. Here are a few ideas for how to get started.

  1. Write in a journal: Journaling allows you to express your emotions in a healthy way and create a log of what may trigger negative emotions for you. Reading over entries is also a good way to reflect and realize that these emotions can be temporary and overcome.
  2. Talk to a trusted friend: Like journaling, this is another great way to express your emotions and let your feelings out in a supportive, understanding environment.
  3. Meditation: This may come in the form of sitting quietly or with some music. If you find that difficult, there are many free resources and apps for guided meditation that can help steer you into a relaxed state of mind. Try Headspace or Insight Timer.
  4. Exercise: Moving your body, especially while doing something you enjoy, is a great way to care for both your mental and physical health.

Physical challenges often feel easier to overcome because there can be various, concrete ways to approach a solution. Finding the best ways for you to complete everyday tasks or challenges is a great way to build confidence and give you a sense of accomplishment. A Redman Power Chair can help you to regain abilities and be a major step in caring for both mental and physical health.

Redman Power Chair’s Reclining Wheelchair Capabilities

With many options out there in reclining wheelchair manufacturers you will need to understand and decide how a reclining wheelchair works to best suit your medical needs. One specific type of wheelchair that is recommended for patients is the reclinable wheelchair. This type of wheelchair allows you to move the backrest through a wider angle of options into a position that is comfortable for the user.

In addition, reclining wheelchairs may also be the best solution if you suffer from medical conditions such as: hight blood pressure, heart malfunction, hip contracture, and more. Through the rage of motion it’s not uncommon for medical patience to experience improvements in the aforementioned medical conditions above as a reclining wheelchair helps to increase the total range of motion that otherwise may not be possible.

More Ways That A Reclining Wheelchair Can Help

Reclining wheelchairs can help individuals suffering from specific conditions in many ways.

Pressure Sores – With the built in reclining feature of a Redman Power Chair the users body weight will be more evenly distributed across the chair to prevent and avoid pressure sores. Pressure sores are most common when an individual has become immobile and sits or lays down all day.

Hypotension and Hypertension – The Redman Power Chair helps aid with these two diagnosis by allowing users to adjust their leg and body position. Conventionally, sitting wheelchairs can lead to bouts of hypotension as an individual is immobile for long periods and will experience a decrease in arterial pressure. With a Redman it is easy to adjust for this through the use of controls featured on the chair its self.

Easier Transfers – Transferring a loved one from conventional wheel chair to a bed may be strenuous or impossible. With the Redman Power Chair, you can recline the users chair so that it is parallel with the bed, making transfers to and from much easier.

Comfort in Mind – Sitting for extended periods of time in a chair that doesn’t prioritize comfort can lead to a loss of overall loss in quality of living. Redman Power Chair accommodates it’s users by accounting for this and only uses the best materials for your all day comfort.


Reclining wheelchairs can help individuals suffering from specific conditions in many ways. With the ability to recline at progressive angles, our chairs help decrease energy exerted by individuals who suffer from ongoing medical conditions. In addition to helping with ongoing conditions, reclining wheelchairs offer more flexibility for care providers and family members when it is necessary.

If you’re looking for a free demo of a Redman Power Chair, Contact Us Today!


Motorized Wheelchair by Redman Power Chairs

Redman Power Chairs is the #1 leading manufacturer for standing power chairs. With over 30 years experience and an invested interest in changing the power chair industry, Redman offers a proprietary patented design that is custom to it’s users specifications. If you’re looking for a motorized wheelchair that offers a complete body positioning system, superior customer service and even FDA Registration, then look no further.

Our new Chief 107-ZRx Motorized Power Wheelchair can stand, recline, tilt, stretch and move like you never thought possible. Call us today at 1-800-727-6684 to request a free demo! Looking For more information on the Chief 107-ZRx?

What Is a Motorized Wheelchair

In short, a Motorized Wheelchair is a chair that propels it’s user in one or many directions through the use of motors . Contrary to a motorized wheelchair is a manually powered wheelchair, motorized wheelchairs are useful for individuals with complications that prevent them from using a traditional wheelchair. In addition to physically limiting disabilities, motorized wheelchairs are used by patients who suffer from cardiovascular fatigue to prevent the heart from overworking its self. Additionally, people who suffer from pressure sores can now be relieved by a standing feature in the Redman power chair.

Most Motorized wheelchairs come in four or six wheel, non folding designs that may partially dismantle for commuting purposes, with an electronic motor. Most motorized wheelchairs come with an onboard charger that can be plugged into a wall outlet to re-charge the battery. In addition to these options, motorized wheelchairs also come with a Controller, Seat, Environmental Considerations and must be built with safety in mind.

How Does a Motorized Wheelchair Work

As mentioned above, motorized wheelchairs work specifically by using a drive train that consists of a front, mid or rear wheel drive system. Through the use of modern mechanics electric power is converted into rotational power and the chair moves its user forward.

In most cases the chair is is propelled by a user who has access to a controller or joystick. While controllers typically allow the controller to move in a field of 360 degrees, a joystick may have additional buttons or tailored sensitivity to access multiple control modes.

With the Redman power chair 107-ZRx we tailor all user needs to the chairs design specifically for the individual. In addition to a controller, Redman Power Chairs also come with the ability to stretch or raise your legs with the touch of a button to help with circulation and many other amenities. Learn more about all the amenities Redman offers in its line of power chairs.

Why Choose Redman Motorized Wheelchairs?

While there are many types of motorized wheelchair’s, nothing beats a Redman! In addition to our outstanding customer services and free demo, here are more reasons to love a Redman Powerchair!

  • Raise and Lower Your Feet Above and Below Your Heart
  • Eliminates Pressure Ulcers by Distributing Weight More Evenly
  • Fully Reclineable Position
  • Naturally Improves Symptoms of Hypotension
  • Easier Wheelchair to Bed Transfers
  • More Comfort
  • Easy Catheterization for Caregivers
  • Unbeatable Customer Service



What Is a Standing Wheelchair for Quadriplegics?

What Is a Standing Wheelchair for Quadriplegics?

A standing wheelchair for Quadriplegics is a motorized chair that is powered by one or two batteries, with the intended purpose of traveling through all ranges of motion from sitting to standing and back to prone, allowing a better posture and the correction of symptoms like high blood pressure, caused by an individuals disability.

Can a paraplegic or quadriplegic stand?

Redman Power Chair Adjustable Motorized Wheelchair

Is this a simple yes or no answer?

A standing feature is an available option on most high level powered wheelchair and both mainstream as well as custom devices are available.

Both the user and wheelchair companies thrive from constant improvements involving technology and mechanics to add to the quality of life, ultimately.

But for the user, this not only begs the question on the dependability of the product but what the body may or may not be capable of.

Medical Contraindications 

When Michael W. first received his Redman Power Chair, it “allowed me to stand up for the first time in 28 years,” he told interviewers. In his years of using a standing powered wheelchair he has traveled to twenty one countries. Michael endures a C5 spinal cord injury and spent twenty four years without standing. Consulting your primary care physician, as well as a physical therapist and  occupational therapist is crucial to receiving accurate medical information about your condition. There are many concerns involved and some include orthostatic blood pressure regulation, spinal surgery and fusions, amputations, knee replacements and many other conditions. These conditions do not necessarily mean standing is not an option for you. Most clinicians (physical therapy as a field in particular) are willing to work with your condition to correct any body positioning that is not fixed. There are benefits to body positioning yourself with the help of instruction from your doctors. Depending on your condition the greatest benefit may be any of the following: increased perfusion throughout your lower extremities especially reaping increased bone density, improved digestion through expanding the torso and allowing better blood flow into vital organs, improved mental health and many more. There are many companies that provide customizable options. Redman power chair is a fully customizable product offering accessories to allow amputees, muscular dystrophy patients (as well as other diagnosis) in need of custom padding to choose from the options that may increase the probability of body positioning for the user. In any case, collecting data for yourself will only benefit you and as Michael adds, “being able to stand up has changed my life in a lot of ways I am no longer at the bottom of the crowd, I am actually- when I stand up, the biggest guy in the room, again.”

Benefits of A Standing Wheelchair

As mentioned previously, most clinicians are more than willing to work with you throughout the process (although this does not apply to some practices). For a custom built standing motorized wheelchair especially there may be an out of pocket cost to you as the user. In this case a relationship with you doctor will be critical in providing documentation for the prescription of your chair and of your needs. The benefits you may reap including  increased perfusion throughout your lower extremities, increased bone density, improved digestion and better blood flow into the vital organs, enhanced respiration, improved mental health, access to spaces in your environment, the opened possibility to returning to a vocation, and the possibility of fewer medications needed.

There are many reasons you may be searching for a product made specifically for you diagnosis and it comes down to minimizing the symptoms you experience. So how do you make the best choice and what to look for?

Specifications of a Standing Wheelchair

Taking the time to measure and apply specifications for a product of interest in your home (specifically bathroom and living quarters) is one of the most overlooked tasks when researching for the correct wheelchair. Measurements to take into account are turn radius, width, length, seat to floor measurement, seat depth, armrest height, backrest height, battery life, maximum speed, weight of the product and the warranty available.

Most common complications include:

-Blood clots

-Pressure sores

-Autonomic Dysreflexia

-Respiratory issues

-Spastic muscles


-Secondary injuries

-Loss of bladder or bowel control

If any of these are issues for you the best choice is to choose a standing power chair with recognized codes for positioning and features such as tilt in space, recline, articulating legs, lower back and hip flexor stretch, heel cord stretch in full recline position, custom dimensions, and proper specifications to access your home and environment.

Do Insurance Companies Cover Electric Wheelchairs?

Do Insurance Companies Cover Electric Wheelchairs?

Yes, insurance companies do cover and pay for electric wheelchairs and can be coordinated by the Redman Power Chair in house insurance department through your insurance company to help you obtain a power wheelchair at little or no cost. First, we pre-qualify you by diagnosis, level of mobility and insurance coverage.

Next, your personal Redman insurance representative get your insurance to approve payment and collects payment directly from your insurance provider. Call Redman Power Chair at 1-800-727-6684 #3 to get started.

We Do Not Give Up!

It’s unfortunate but frequent that client’s have medical needs that are not met and provided an inappropriate piece of equipment. You should not give up. If the chair is an appropriate fit for your needs our insurance specialists work not only efficiently but without relent on your behalf.

M.W. Talks about his choice

Redman Power Chair pioneered the standing wheelchair over 20 years ago, combining fit and function with extreme reliability to enhance the lives of hundreds of satisfied customers. Our customers are the most discerning among power chair users and we enjoy many repeat buyers.


A Testimonial on the Redman Chief from John Johns

View our testimonial on the Redman Chief from John Johns, a C3-C4 incomplete quadriplegic as he tells his story on how his stand-up power chair has enhanced his life. He also discusses the ease of use and the high level of immediate service from the Redman staff.




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