EasyStand, Standing Frames, Mobile Standers & the Redman Power Chair Comparison

It has been proven that standing exercises and therapies drastically improve the quality of life of power chair users, but it can often be a trivial task determining exactly what therapy or standing device is right for them.  For many, a standing frame is the answer, but in too many cases, patients tire of standing frames because of the difficult task to transfer into them and lack of mobility. The Redman Power Chair team provides a product that eliminates the problems of the standing frame and gives its users more independence and access to a way of life they never thought possible.

Redman and Easystand comparision photo
Redman Power Chair (left) EasyStand (right)

What is a Standing Frame? The Standing Frame or Stander is an assistive technology that allows disabled person into the standing position. Users generally need assistance to transfer themselves into the frame while in the sitting position and utilize a range of controls to maneuver into the standing position.  Standing frames like EasyStand and StandAid are an innovative form of technology used in hospitals, rehabs, and in-home, and can be used as exercise or stretching equipment. Standing frames come in several different makes and models and offer varied positions. If you haven’t yet, read about the health benefits of standing to truly understand the benefit and impact these devices have on their users and take a look at this:

  • Participants in a study by advanceweb.com lost almost no bone mineral density when being involved in early loading exercises (like standing) as opposed to 6.9-9.4% loss in sedentary patients
  • According to CNN, insulin works 40% better when our muscles are firing, and they do so when standing
  • Getting spinal injury patients into the upright position daily is beneficial for circulation and kidney function – Professor Jan Ritchie from UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Though they are a much-needed resource for power chair users, standing frames have their flaws. Generally speaking, standing frames are NOT mobile—in fact, there are very few mobile standing frames on the market at all. Some noted manufacturers include the Easy Stand and the StandAid, yet most of these devices are bulky and because of this, are difficult to maneuver in small spaces. Additionally, mobile standers aren’t meant for round-the-clock use and people who use mobile standers still need a wheelchair for mobility outside the home, hospital, or rehab center.  They are large, difficult to operate, and in many cases use a crank (impossible for use by quadriplegics) .   The difficulty in operation and transfer often causes the user to rely on a caregiver, lessening their independence. They are simply for use as therapy.

You cannot deny that standing is extremely beneficial to those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair.  The importance of increased blood flow to the body, improved circulation, and increased bone mineral density support standing frames, but there is plenty of room for improvement.  Because standing frames are difficult to transfer in to and lack full-mobility, over time, users stop using their standers and they end up collecting dust or becoming an expensive clothes rack.  Having one device for mobility proves to be beneficial for matter of convenience and ease of use.  The Redman Standing Power chair does much more for its user than traditional standing frames.  In fact, over 70% of Redman users had a standing frame like the EasyStand Evolv before they switched to the Redman Chief 107-ZRx, and here’s why they switched:

  • The Redman Power Chair is a full mobility stander, recliner and a power chair in one
  • Easy transfer from the chair, the Chief 107-ZRx has adjustable arms and lifts for easy transfer–complaints with the EasyStand and StandAid often address difficult transfer
  • Unlike other scooters or power chairs, the Redman Power Chair delivers power recline and 90 degree leg elevation standard
  • Power chairs drive at about 4-6 mph on average, the Redman Chief 107-XRx can hit speeds up to 9mph
  • Uneven streets and rough terrain are easily conquered by the Redman chair with its 4” ground clearance and superior maneuverability
  • The Chief 107-ZRx supports almost 100lbs more weight than its competitors
  • Redman offers an unprecedented warranty of parts, labor AND wear components standard
  • We have been working on only ONE chair for the past 20 years and our product is a reflection of that


A standing frame is around 3500 out of pocket. Standing frames are not  covered by insurance, but neither is a power chair. Why use the money you could be putting towards a Redman standing power chair on something inferior? Medicare is a provider for our power chair with proper documentation. With co-insurance out of pocket expense could be minimal.

To learn more about the Redman Power Chair, compare the Redman Chief 107-ZRx to its competitors and see how they measure up.  When looking to improve your quality of life with a quality product, you have to know what makes it special. The Redman Standing Power Chair is the COMPLETE standing mobility solution.  Request a free demo and we will show you how this chair can improve your quality of life.

The Redman Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Wheelchair vs. the Permobil C500 VS, the Levo C3, & Lifestand LSC – Review

Head to Head, the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair beats out its competition in every category.  From speed to ground clearance, to flexibility, Redman stands tall.  Dare to compare the Redman Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Wheelchair vs. the Permobil C500 VS, the Levo C3, & Lifestand LSC to its competition and see how they measure up.

Dare to Compare
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It’s Compact:

  • Width Dimensions
      • Redman 23″
      • Permobil 26″
      • Levo 25″


    • Lifestand 26.5″
  • Seat Height
    • Redman 17″ (no charge option)
    • Permobil 18.5″
    • Levo 18″
    • Lifestand 20″
  • Ground Clearance
    • Redman 4″
    • Permobil, Levo, & Lifstand 3″

It Moves With You:

  • Leg Elevation
    • Redman Standard 90 degrees
    • Permobil Standard 90 degrees
    • Levo only 35 degree tilt
    • Lifestand No tilt
  • Power Recline
    • Redman Standard
    • Permobil Yes
    • Levo ONly 35 degree tilt
    • Lifestand Only 20 degree tilt

It’s Fast and Efficient and Guaranteed:

  • Max Speed
    • Redman 9 MPH
    • Permobil 6.5 MPH
    • Levo 6 MPH
    • Lifestand 5 MPH
  • Max User Weight
    • Redman 350 LBS. (With optional heavy duty construction)
    • Permobil 220 LBS.
    • Levo 310 LBS.
    • Lifestand 285 LBS.
  • Warranty
    • Redman 1 year parts and labor (Including wear components)
    • Permobil 2 years parts, no labor
    • Levo 2 years mechanical 1 year electrical 2 years parts no labor
    • Lifestand 2 years parts no labor
  • Standing Power Chair Price
    • Call for pricing.

Request a free Demo and test drive the Chief 107 ZRx today and find out for yourself why we are the choice for so many discerning customers.

Too Tall Texan Greg Birt Rides Again

Greg Birt and his wife couldn’t be happier to have a Redman Chief 107-ZRx, look at those smiles.  Greg is from Texas, and everything is bigger in Texas, including Greg, now that he is standing in his new Redman chair.  Greg is almost 6’5″ and hasn’t stood in many years–no wonder his wife is smiling.  Greg researched other chairs but once he got behind the wheel of our new Chief, he was set.


We believe Greg and his wife will have a new outlook now that Greg is standing again.  This could be the first step toward a brand new life.  Greg enjoys the ability of his new Chief to get him around outdoors, to breathe fresh air, to traverse uneven terrain, and to add new value to his life. Our wish is for the smiles to never end for Greg and his wife and we are excited to hear what Greg is doing in his Redman chair.

Redman Power Chair at the “I Am Active Expo”

The Redman team will be at the “I Am Active Expo” in Phoenix AZ October 5th and 6th at the Disability Empowerment Center in Arizona Campus located at 5025 E. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85034. Come by, visit our booth and check out the Redman Chief 107-ZRx and all its features.

The “I Am Active Expo” showcases innovative technologies that enhance the lives of those with disabilities with products ranging from accessible vehicles to ramps, to accessories and tools. We are looking forward to showing off the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair, give demos, and to check out some cool technology. Join us, we would love to see you there!

For more information visit: https://ability360.org/


James Bessent – Enjoying His New Custom Painted Chief 107-ZRx

James “Bengal” Bessent recently received his new Redman Power Chair edition with a custom urban-camo paint job in orange.  Check it out.  We haven’t asked James but we think he could be a Bengal’s fan, what do you think?  James graduated from a typical body positioning chair, an Invacare TDX  to one with “chairapy”.

Important to note in James case, and many others, he also had a mobility standing frame that wasn’t getting utilized due to its inability to move, difficulty transferring, and boredom.  With the Redman chair, James can adjust himself in countless positions increasing blood flow and giving him the ability to move, stretch, bend, and flex.  We believe James is going to enjoy this season with his new Redman chair.



4 Things to keep your Redman Power Chair Humming

Keep It Clean. Like anything that has moving parts, your Redman Power Chair should be cleaned from time to time. You can use a spray bottle with soapy water for general cleaning, but take care to not get water in or around the electronics, motors, and connecters. For tougher cleaning, you can use a small amount of WD-40. Use computer dust-off to keep all the dust from accumulating on moving parts.

Keep It Lubricated. Use WD-40 liberally on all of the hinged points and sewing machine oil where indicated in your manual. It’s good to lubricate every 30 days, or as needed when you hear a squeak. Remember this rule of thumb: If it is squeaking it is wearing.

Keep It Charged. If you are using your chair every day you should be charging every day. A typical charge will take 8 hours. Try to never drive in the red zone on your charge indicator to avoid getting stranded without power. Driving in the red zone will unduly shorten the life of your battery.

Keep It Cool. Our power chair can take a lot of abuse, but like anything, heat can take a toll. When maneuvering in tight places on soft surfaces (especially carpeting) you are using incredible amounts of energy and that equals heat. That heat will shorten the life of the motor and controller on you power chair. The key to a long life for your power chair is to minimize this kind of use.

Do you have a question on how to keep your Redman Power Chair humming? Got a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

Nancy dances at her daughter’s wedding…in her Redman Power Chair

We want to share a heartwarming story from Nancy Devore, who recently received her new Redman Power Chair. Thanks for sharing Nancy!

“Our daughter Shelby’s wedding was two weeks ago at our farm. Just thought you would enjoy these pics. We really wanted to thank “The Redman Family” for designing the Redman Power chair . There weren’t too many dry eyes on the dance ‘field” when it came time for Rob and me to share the spotlight and dance at our daughter’s wedding.” ~Nancy Devore


Lucy in the sky with diamonds | Redman Power Chair

Lucy Currier of Birmingham, UK has her head in the clouds after receiving her new Redman Standing Wheelchair. Her eyes sparkled like diamonds after she got professionally fitted. Lucy replaced her old Permobil power chair with a new Redman Chief 107ZRx after an exhaustive search for the perfect chair. What drew her to our chair was the ability to stand, our low seat height, the small foot-print, and mid-wheel drive capability. In her words, she likes our chair because “it’s not so big and it doesn’t feel like a clunker.”

More importantly, Lucy liked the drive and the ride, especially on the uneven streets of her town. In the UK, the sidewalks are quite old and uneven, making it a challenge for even the most sturdy of chairs. The Redman Chief 107ZRx performed perfectly because of its uneven ground compensation and four-wheel suspension, making Lucy’s ride faster, smoother, and with greater response and control.

We are very pleased with how she looked and fit in her new Redman power chair.


A look at the backbone of the Redman Chief 107 ZRx

The quality of a Redman Power Chair is built in, not added on, and it all starts with the back-bone of the Chief 107 ZRx, the frame. We struggle with simply using the word frame, because it truly means so much more. Our frame is uniquely one piece that is tailored for each individual user according to their unique physical needs. Our approach to building the very best power chair available is not cheap. It’s taken over 20 years to perfect one design, completely integrating the unique design features of the Redman Power Chair, to give you a unified design that out-performs any other reclining, standing power chair. It’s built by a family owned company right here in the USA.

We don’t add standing on as a feature…it’s built in. Want to recline? We designed and built it in from the beginning.

Is this more expensive to build? You bet it is. But it’s worth it to have the durability and vastly improved performance. A Redman Power Chair has the smallest footprint of any reclining, standing power chair, allowing you to access your environment in ways you never thought possible. Indoors, outdoors, in your vehicle, at the office, and even in small, hard to navigate places like the bathroom.

We think it’s a thing of beauty. And it all starts with a frame. The backbone of the Chief 107 ZRx Redman Power Chair.

Click here for a free demo.


How is Service at Redman Power Chair?

The Redman company has service personnel available nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, we have roving factory service trucks covering the contiguous U.S. for updates and factory adjustments. It is important to note, that the Redman Power Chair product is not a “new” chair in the complete sense of the word… We have constantly been improving the same chair, and building it in the U.S. with U.S. components, for over 20 years. The current 2011 Redman Power Chair is the result of all these years of progress, and it is very dependable and self diagnosing. As a family owned and operated company, we take great pride in our service; if something is not meeting your needs please let me know directly.



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