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An investment in your overall health & wellness... but sometimes it can be difficult financially as well

What makes our company unique is our ability to offer you an affordable option if you need to stand and body position but do not have anywhere else to turn. Buying from the manufacture comes with a guarantee when online shopping sites do not. What Redman has that no other company does is a retained team of experts, some of which have worked with the company for more than twenty years. This makes building refurbished models possible and all Redman Power Chairs carry the same functions and warranty.

Redman Power Chair Motorized Wheelchair Options

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Of the four main functions of Redman’s electric wheelchair arguably the most significant (depending on your diagnosis) is the stand feature. Tilt in space, power recline, and articulating leg all have their merit and undoubted clinical benefit but unique to these is the ability to bring the body to an upright position. We offer the perfect chair for all your criteria including price.

Want information about funding sources & insurances available to purchase your Redman?

Our Power Chair Insurance Department

Understand the insurance process and collect information before making any decisions. Our insurance department is deeply rooted in guidelines beginning thirty five years ago. 

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