Motorized Wheelchair Funding

Explore a few of the many funding options available for Veterans

The Goals of Motorized Wheelchair Funding

It is often that there are various blockade’s to receiving the funding needed for medical devices and power wheelchairs. We hope to share information and direct you through a process for acquiring your motorized wheelchair. Our goals are to:

  • Provide guidance by taking in your information

  • Direct toward possible advocates

  • Share our experiences to your benefit

Motorized Wheelchairs for Veterans

(Contract Number V797D-60732)

Redman Power Chair is contracted with VA centers throughout the United States.  If you are a Veteran and believe a standing power wheelchair would improve your activities of daily living, we can help.

If you were injured during active duty or have been diagnosed with one of the following neurological disorders; multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, quadriplegia, paraplegia or other mobility/ neurological diseases the VA may cover the cost of your power wheelchair.

How to start the VA process:

1st : Schedule a mobility assessment appointment with your primary physician.

2nd: At this appointment, the doctor will determine what level of wheelchair your mobility limitations medically justify.

The severity of your mobility limitations determine what level of mobility equipment will be purchased by the VA.  The Redman Power Chair is a Level 3. Therefore, your mobility must be limited in both your upper and lower exterminates. If you still have some upper extremity mobility and have pressure ulcers you may be an exception.

  • If physician approves a Level 3 power wheelchair, then

3rd : VA Seating Committee must also approve Level 3 power wheelchair

  • If the VA Seating Committee approves your Level 3 wheelchair, then

4th: You will be assigned a VA Purchasing Agent.

This person will support your both administratively and financially in the process.


Please contact Redman Power Chair’s customer service department with inquiries on the product or qualification standards.

A Few Sources
  • Workers Compensation

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Veterans Affairs

Veteran in Motorized Wheelchair Gardening

Trends for Veterans in Wheelchairs

Information for your consideration

Workers compensation is one of the easiest insurances for us to work with. If you are injured at work, covered by workers compensation for your injury and you medically qualify most likely you will receive your chair quickly and without the hassle of most insurances.

The department of Veterans Affairs completes the assessment tiers for you and we can assist as much as demonstrating the benefits to you in our chair but we cannot help by submitting on your behalf or help with the process as much. You have to self advocate through the department.

Vocational Rehab is a funding source that varies a bit from state to state. If you have skills that apply to a field you wish to return to they serve as a funding source for your goal in rejoining the workforce. There are many occupations worth looking into and we may be of an assistance if you would like to call for more information regarding the product and experience. 

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