The Insurance Process

We have over 50 years of experience processing insurance and specializing in reimbursement. Now only in one product for the greatest proficiency. 


We pre-qualify you by diagnosis & specific to your medical insurance coverage.


We provide the insurance process for you in house.


We coordinate insurance benefits to ensure maximized benefits are provided by your plan.

Redman Insurance Specialists

Sell Direct

We sell direct and work with your clinicians and you. A face to face encounter with your physician is necessary. When this is completed we then work intimately and exclusively with your medical team to ensure your are provided the appropriate power chair. It is incumbent upon all involved that your medical needs are met.


We Do Not Give Up

In an unfortunate but frequent case the client has medical needs that are not met and provided an inappropriate piece of equipment. You should not give up. If the chair is the appropriate fit for your needs our insurance specialists work not only efficiently but without relent on your behalf.


Payment Process

If, for example, you do not have insurance under your plan that totally pays your out of pocket cost- Redman is willing to finance balances that you are capable of paying for on a monthly no interest basis.


Call Us For Verification

With a simple questionnaire we can determine if you medically and financially qualify. 



Why We Are Successful

Paula and Don Redman have been in the durable medical equipment (DME) industry for fifty five years. They were both participants and Don the first president of National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers (NAMES), a combining of two trade association to become the association to set the guidelines and standards for the DME industry. Medicare had just been enacted and Don Redman as the President of NAMES had just said "Folks, we are doing great so far but if we do not clean up our industry the government will clean it up for us". Don has practiced this philosophy in this niche market product as a result providing the Redman Power Chair.



Redman Power Chair

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