Adjustable Growth Power Wheelchair

Get maximum independence with our adjustable growth Kit

Make Your Power Wheelchair Last With Our Adjustable Growth Kit

The power chair designed to emphasize independence for those continuing to grow.

With 35 years of experience, Redman Power Chair knows how important power wheelchairs are to your anyone's life. Giving them the ability to move, stand, sit, and recline will give them the independence they need. Even further, we believe power chairs should be designed so that anyone can grow into them, not out of them! For more information regarding adjustable growth kit chairs, please call us at our toll free 800 number: 1-800-727-6684 Just a few of our satisfied younger customers who have the freedom to move around, stand up, and be free!

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Redman power wheelchairs with adjustable growth kit are designed with your safety and mobility in mind. Mid-wheel drive is especially important on a chair because it has casters on the front and back which prevents you from tipping forward or back in their chair. While you move around, we make sure you have the peace of mind that they are safe.

We know how quickly a person can grow throughout their lifetime! The Redman power chair is designed specifically for growth allowance. Making changes to the leg bar height and armhoop height can be done right at home to expand the chair as you grow. Even positioning like standing, tilting, and reclining are made to grow with you! To get a free in-home demo contact us today and see what Redman Power Chair can offer you and your future!

Adjustable Growth Power Wheelchair Services and Features

Redman power wheelchairs with an adjustable growth kit allow users their maximum independence. Every chair is made to fit your person and be able to maneuver around as you explore the world.

Their compact, mid-wheel drive bases allow you to drive comfortably and securely. Designed specifically with built-in growth, back height, arm height and length that are all adjustable. In addition, options such as recline and power tilt assist in improving your positioning which comes with many health benefits. 

One of the most fun parts is you can choose any color you want - we offer over 180 color options for our power wheelchair! Also, even more accessories are available depending on your needs. 

  • Maximum weight limit 250/350 pounds heavy duty construction available

  • Seat height 17.5″ (to top of seat base front adjustable to 16.6″ rear – custom as low as 16″)

  • Seat depth 18″

  • Back height 26″ (from seat base), adjustable 5″

  • Arm height adjusts from 7″ to 11″ from seat base to top of arm pad

  • Adjustable leg length 13″ to 17″

  • Ground clearance 3″

  • Features 4-wheel suspension and uneven ground compensation

  • Overall width 23″

  • Overall length 39.5″

  • Turning radius 26″

  • All Functions Included

  • Driving range 15-20 miles

  • Maximum speed 6.5 MPH standard (9 MPH option)

  • Chair weight: 375 pounds (no accessories, unoccupied)

  • Load capacity: 350 pounds (maximum, occupant and accessories)

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