Redman Power Chair Versus the Standing Frame

It has been proven that standing exercises and therapies drastically improve the quality of life of wheelchair users, but it can often be a trivial task determining exactly what therapy or standing device is right for them. For many, a standing frame is the answer, but in too many cases, patients tire of standing frames because of difficult transfer and lack of mobility. The Redman Power Chair team provides a product that eliminates the limitations and setbacks of standing frames and gives its users more independence and access to a way of life they never thought possible.

What is a Standing Frame?

The Standing Frame or Stander is an assistive technology that allows disabled persons into the standing position. Users generally need assistance to transfer themselves into the frame while in the sitting position and utilize a range of controls to maneuver into the standing position.  Standing frames like EasyStand and StandAid are an innovative form of technology used in hospitals, rehabs, and in-home, and can be used as exercise or stretching equipment. Standing frames come in several different makes and models and offer varied positions. If you haven’t yet, read about the health benefits of standing to truly understand the benefit and impact these devices have on their users.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam.

Testimonial from Aileen M. about her Redman Power Chair

"Every time I thought of getting into it, I’d wonder what would happen..."

After the following experience with the standing frame Aileen found the Redman Power Chair and has been a customer ever since. "I have an Easystand Evolv, (which I got my insurance to pay for, btw) but I never used it… I first used the Easystand at my physical therapist’s office, and *loved* it. Once, while standing in it, I passed out and it took three people to get me out of it!!! I figured it was unlikely that would ever happen again and got my own. I had it in my house for about a year and every time I thought of getting into it, I’d wonder what would happen if I passed out again, having only my husband there?! So, my cool standing frame stood there without me in it. Then my husband saw something online about Redman (Standing and Reclining Power Chairs)… totally solved the ‘problem’ – if I ever passed out again, my husband could just lay me down!!! I now use my Redman Power Chair to stand for 30 minutes every day! I always have my husband there when I stand just in case! I love, love, love my Redman Power Chair and get compliments on it all the time! The people at the neurorehab place I go are totally amazed at what my chair can do!"

Redman Customer happy with her standing mobility solution.

What Are the Benefits of a Standing Powerchair?

Though they are a much-needed resource for power chair users, standing frames have their flaws. Generally speaking, standing frames are NOT mobile—in fact, there are very few mobile standing frames on the market at all.  Some noted manufacturers include the Easy Stand and the StandAid, yet most of these devices are bulky and because of this, are difficult to maneuver in small spaces. Additionally, mobile standers aren’t meant for round-the-clock use and people who use mobile standers still need a wheelchair for mobility outside the home, hospital, or rehab center.  They are large, difficult to operate, and in many cases use a crank to position (impossible for use by quadriplegics).   The difficulty in operation and transfer often causes the user to rely on a caregiver, lessening their independence. They are simply for use as therapy.

 In fact, over 70% of Redman users had a standing frame like the EasyStand Evolv before they switched to the Redman Chief 107-ZRx, and here’s why they switched

  • The Redman Power Chair is a full mobility stander, recliner and a power chair in one

  • Easy transfer from the chair, the Chief 107-ZRx has adjustable arms and lifts for easy transfer–complaints with the EasyStand and StandAid often address difficult transfe

  • Unlike other scooters or power chairs, the Redman Power Chair delivers power recline and 90 degree leg elevation standard

  • Power chairs drive at about 4-6 mph on average, the Redman Chief 107-XRx can hit speeds up to 9mph

  • Uneven streets and rough terrain are easily conquered by the Redman chair with its 4” ground clearance and superior maneuverability

  • The Chief 107-ZRx supports almost 100lbs more weight than its competitors

  • Redman offers an unprecedented warranty of parts, labor AND wear components standard

  • We have been working on only ONE chair for the past 20 years and our product is a reflection of that

Redman Gives You A Standing Mobility Solution

You cannot deny that standing is extremely beneficial to those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair.  The importance of increased blood flow to the body, improved circulation, and increased bone mineral density support standing frames, but there is plenty of room for improvement, because of this, users often stop using their standing frames and they end up collecting dust or becoming an expensive clothes rack. Having one device for mobility proves to be beneficial for matter of convenience and ease of use.  The Redman Standing Power chair does much more for its user than traditional standing frames. 

To learn more about the Redman Power Chair, compare the Redman Chief 107-ZRx to its other competitors and see how they measure up.  When looking to improve your quality of life with a quality product, you have to know what makes it special. The Redman Standing Power Chair is the COMPLETE standing mobility solution.  Request a free demo and we will show you how this chair can improve your quality of life.

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