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The Redman standing power chair provides unparalleled access, comfort and mobility. By manufacturing in the USA, with uncompromising dedication to engineering, quality and safety, we have created a unique machine with infinite possibilities. At Redman, we understand how many benefits you can get from your motorized wheelchair, so we make sure the features we provide make getting around easy and enjoyable. Check out all the features included in your motorized wheelchair below, especially it's floor clearance, turn radius and measurements that make it easier than ever to maneuver in your wheelchair. 

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Redman Power Chair Under the Hood
Redman Power Chair Measurements

An Overview of Redman Power Chairs

Unlike our competitors, our system compensates mechanically for body position, so armrests and positioning devices like lateral supports stay with you throughout the whole spectrum of movement. Check out all the benefits that come with a Redman motorized wheelchair. 

  • Redman Power Chair Standing Wheelchair


    We strive to empower chair users. That’s why we built variable blendability of all positions into the Chief 107-ZRx. Whether you want to horizontally align your legs while doing a 45 degree backrest slant, or stretch your torso upward, stopping anywhere between sitting and standing, Redman gets you there. And no matter what position you choose, you can still travel safely.

  • Redman Power Chair Flexibility


    The Chief 107-ZRx isn’t just a standing device, it’s a part of who you are and what you do. Our watchword is freedom, and we build it into every detail. Our seat base height is a standard 18 inches, making it easy to get under tables and desks. The arm rests flip away so you can get closer to what you’re doing. Best of all, the footprint of our chair is only 23 inches wide and 39 inches long, maneuvering you in and out of tight squeezes with ease.

  • Redman Power Chair Stretchability


    We believe a power chair should do more. Our chair has the unique capability of allowing you to stretch your lower back, and stretch your heel cords. No other power chair has these capabilities. More stretch equals better health.

  • Redman Power Chair Blendability


    The new Chief 107-ZRx is not new – it is a continuation of over 15 years of the same design that has improved with customer input. At Redman Power Chair, all we build is one chair and have been for over 15 years. Our latest version of the Chief 107-ZRx is the fruit of user needs and is equipped with generic parts, modular, and a self-diagnosing system which has proven to be very dependable.

  • Redman Power Chair Driveability


    Redman’s Chief 107-ZRx gravity compensation “patent pending” allows you to drive safely in any position!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Redman Power Chair

Redman Power Chair is dedicated to providing you with all the features to make your life easier. From USB connectors for cellphone charging, to removable foot rests, and more - owning a motorized wheelchair from Redman has never been easier. 

Motorized Wheelchair Features
Motorized Wheelchair Details
Motorized Wheelchair Sitting at Piano
Control Panel for a power chair.
  • Mobility – The Redman standing powerchair provides unparalleled access, comfort and mobility. By manufacturing in the USA with uncompromising dedication to engineering, quality and safety we have created a unique machine with infinite possibilities.

  • Factory Direct Sales– We are a medical equipment manufacturer. We are more than a wheelchair dealer. By eliminating the middle man we are able to provide greater value to the user.

  • Factory Direct Service – Factory qualified representatives work to make sure we exceed expectation.

  • Customer Care – Twenty four hour phone and tech support. Got a problem just call anytime, seven days a week.

  • Parts availability – Since we build the chair we have the parts when you need them.

  • Tailor Made – Guaranteed to fit and function. Redman builds your chair intrinsically as one piece specifically for you.

  • Insurance & Billing service – We do it all for you. Our insurance experts are experienced and knowledgeable. We also provide payment plans as needed.

  • In home Demonstrations – We come to you and let you try our chair in your home or other environment.

  • Options – Also available with an endless list of options.

  • Only One – We believe our continuous focus on only one chair is the primary reason for our success.

Our Power Chair Specifications

The picture shown is a size 18×18 motorized wheelchair, which is standard to include high leg and angled seat feature at no extra cost.

All custom sized chairs, high leg and seat angle can be added as an optional feature at an additional cost.

Custom sizing available from 3’8″ 40 lbs. to 6’8″ 350 lbs.

  • Redman Power Chair Standing Position
  • Redman Power Chair Tilting Position
  • Redman Power Chair Sitting position from a side view.
  • Redman Power Chair Reclining Position


    • Maximum weight limit 250/350 pounds heavy duty construction available

    • Seat height 17.5″ (to top of seat base front adjustable to 16.6″ rear – custom as low as 16″)

    • Seat depth 18″

    • Back height 26″ (from seat base), adjustable 5″

    • Arm height adjusts from 7″ to 11″ from seat base to top of arm pad

    • Adjustable leg length 13″ to 17″

    • Ground clearance 3″

    • Overall width 23″

    • Overall length 39.5″

    • 4-wheel suspension & uneven ground compensation

    • Turning radius 26″

    • Driving range 15-20 miles

    • Maximum speed 6.5 MPH standard (9 MPH option)

    • Chair weight: 375 pounds (no accessories, unoccupied)

    • Load capacity: 350 pounds (maximum, occupant and accessories)

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