Motorized Tilting Wheelchair Benefits

The #1 Tilt in Space Wheelchair

The Medicare review board has determined that the Redman Standing Power Chair has “tilt in space” functionality, a feature with crucial health benefits covered by them, but the Redman Power Chair has so much more. You know that the features in the Redman Power Chair are what set it apart from its competition, the chair comes equipped with a plethora of features STANDARD and has numerous additional options to choose from, but one standard option has benefits that even insurance companies recognize as important, tilt in space.

What Is Tilt In Space?

Tilt in space is a technology on some power chairs and wheelchairs that rotates the chair on its base so that pressure is redistributed from one area of the body to another while maintaining the angles the body is in. It can be an excellent means of increasing skin perfusion by relieving pressure and allowing weight to be distributed in different areas of the body, reducing the risk of postural collapse, and increasing lung capacity. But because the body stays in the same position, the user is unable to get the full benefit of stretching, reclining, and even tilting while standing, all standard features of the Redman Power Chair. Traditional tilt does not truly reposition your body, it only changes your place in space.


The Clinical Benefits of the Tilt in Space Wheelchair

"Weight-bearing tilts slow down the progression of osteoporosis..."

Not only does the Redman Power Chair have tilt in space technology, but it offers standing tilt and weight-bearing tilt features that deliver even more benefits to its users among other features and specifications. Weight-bearing tilts slow down the progression of osteoporosis by allotting pressure to different joints and bones on the body.

Being seated in a wheelchair or power chair for endless hours weakens your spine, and the lack of function in the legs in most cases causes foot pronation. Having the ability to shift your weight off of your back and buttocks allows you to stretch the heel cords to prevent possible deformities. When you are able to recline, the mid-section opens up and the bladder and bowels function better as gravity does its job.

The benefits are endless; improved posture and lung capacity, less risks, and overall relief for your body. When you can reposition and stretch your body, you reduce the risk of sliding and slumping without restraints, you regain posture and you better body function. With the Redman Power Chair, you are able to tilt, stretch, recline, and stand independently and with ease.

Recognize the benefits of tilting, reclining, and stretching. Understand the advantages of having all of these functions available at your fingertips, and consider how the Redman Chief Power Chair can improve your life.

Redman Tilt in Space Wheelchair Positions
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