Standing Features

The Chief 107-ZRX is the most powerful stand up wheelchair in the world providing complete upright mobility.

The Redman Standing Power Wheelchair isn’t just a typical standing device. It’s a complete standing and mobility solution. This means you can move, while being in an upright position! The Chief 107-ZRX offers great body support and is extremely safe. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t walked in 30 years, our chair WILL support you. The benefits of a standing wheelchair are simply endless. Physically, a quality standing wheelchair will improve circulation, bladder function, reduce pressure sores and much more. Your life will also improve dramatically on a morale level, with the ability to look your friends and family eye-to-eye and be upright for the first time in years. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain with Redman’s Standing Wheelchair. Imagine the freedom of being able to stand again. It’s only a click away!

Many people who can stand do not understand the amazing benefits of being able to do so. Such as independence and the naturally occurring health benefits from changing posture. When someone is forced to sit in one position for extreme amount of time, health problems will naturally occur. In fact, physicians have been documenting the benefits of standing devices for years throughout medical publications. Now, thanks to Redman Power chair, even people with spinal cord injuries can reap the health benefits of standing.

Physical Benefits of Standing

  • Urinary Health – Urinary Tract Infections are common among people who are in wheelchairs. However, studies have shown that using a standing device or standing wheelchair can greatly decrease urinary tract infections.
  • Circulation – Changing posture helps the blood circulate around the body. For example, sitting in one position causes the blood to stagnate and reduce circulation to other places of the body.
  • Spasticity – Staying in one position, such as sitting, can cause muscle spasticity. Changing posture helps relax the muscles and reduce spasticity.
  • Bowel Function – Poor bowel function is a common complaint among wheel chair users. However, according to numerous studies, standing exercises can greatly improve bowel function. Even when using a standing wheelchair these results are the same.
  • Pressure Sores – Pressure sores occur from constant pressure on one area of the body. Being able to stand up in a wheelchair helps distribute your weight and improve healing of bed sores.
  • Contractures – Sitting for long periods of time may cause the joints and muscles to stiffen. Standing allows the muscles to get stretched and exercised, decreasing the amount of stiffness you experience in joints and muscles.
  • Bone Density – Some evidence shows that standing wheelchairs may increase bone density. This is because standing puts more weight on your bones than sitting.

Psychological Benefits of Standing

  • Independence – Standing is the foundation of reclaiming independence. A few examples include being able to reach cupboards, change light-bulbs, and looking into a mirror at a regular level.
  • Increased Cognition – Better circulation often means better cognition. Standing wheelchairs may help with certain cognitive tasks such as memory and focus.
  • Fatigue – Sitting or lying down for too long is a known cause for fatigue. Muscles may atrophy and quickly tire. Standing up helps exercises these muscles and reduce fatigue.
  • Depression – Depression is often caused by feeling a lack of control over certain situations. So it is no wonder why people confined to a wheelchair may suffer from depression. However, gaining the ability to stand, even with assistance, helps reclaim a certain amount of control and helps reduce depression.
  • Well Being – Wellbeing is dramatically increased by using a standing wheelchair. You can be on “the same level” when talking or communicating as others. You can also make eye contact, pose for photographs, hug standing up and much more.