Eat My Dust! Redman Power Chair Goes Off Road

America’s top-selling power standing wheelchair has the ability to go off-road with its 4” ground clearance, four wheel independent suspension, and uneven ground compensation. Eat my dust!  Not only can the Redman Power Chair access your world indoors with it’s superior maneuverability and small footprint, it can also go outdoors to broaden your accessibility in challenging terrain.

To illustrate the off-road capabilities of the Redman Power Chair, we have put together the Eat My Dust video to show the off-road functionality. In the video we have outfitted our chair with the off-road drive wheels that are an available option. Even without the optional wheels, this chair is extremely capable of off-road driving. The optional wheels simply add more traction.

“We are thrilled that power chair users continue to improve the quality of their life by going anywhere, on any terrain,” says Sam Redman, Founder and Sales Manager of Redman Power Chair “The innovation behind the ground clearance and suspension is something we are very proud of.”

The 4” ground clearance has always been a feature of the Redman Power Chairs and all of the chairs are hand-built in the U.S. specific to each customer’s unique needs. It has unparalleled movement and numerous physical and psychological health benefits ranging from improved circulation to increased cognition. “Without a standing wheelchair or reclining wheelchair, users can encounter health problems.” Redman continued, “We make a chair that has always been healthier for the user and it can go on uneven, rough ground while still being stable and comfortable.”

Want to learn more? Call Sam Redman directly at (877)-377-1677 or schedule a free demo online, and we’ll bring a chair to you to try out.

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