All of the following accessories can be added during construction.

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Black is the standard chair color, or you can choose from 180 optional colors.
Redman Power Chair Color Choices

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  • Flip Away Joystick
  • Accordion Type Flip-away Joystick
  • Mini-Chin Control Flip-away w/ Omni Display (bib control)
  • Sip-‘n-Puff w/ Omni Display and Flip- away Straw
  • Head Control w/ Omni Display (Switch It™)
  • Remote Mode Switch
  • T-handle Joystick or Goal Post
  • Attendant Control w/ Velcro Removable

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Performance Package

  • 12” x 4” Rear Air Filled w/ Gel (Offroad)
  • High Performance Motors
  • Sold as Package or Individual Items

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  • Raised Heel on Shoe Holder (3”)
  • Adjustable Angle Footplates for Left (or) Right
  • One Piece Flip Back Foot Plate
  • Dual Flip Footrest – Flip Back and To The Side
  • Special Length Footplate: Right (or) Left, Increase (or) Decrease in 1” Increments
  • Footrest Pad to Raise
  • Add Maximum Clearance / ½” Under Foot Plate
  • Add High Legs (+5” height)

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  • Desk Length (standard)
  • Full Length
  • Right Left One Piece 18” Channel Forearm Pad
  • Right Left Small 8” Channel Forearm Pad
  • Right Left Medium 11.5” Channel Forearm Pad
  • Right Left Large 14” Channel Forearm Pad
  • Right Left Palm Extensor Module 9.25” (necessary for small, medium and large pads)
  • Right Left Full Length Arm on One Side Only
  • Custom Arm Pad

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  • Quadtro – 2” Low, 4” High Profile
  • Flip-Away Seat Adductor On Seat Base
  • Velcro-on Adductor for Seat/ 4” x 4” x 6” Height
  • Pads on Posts(4×6) or (4×8) for Adduction w/ Knee Bolster Removed
  • Adjustable Push-up Canes for Knee Bolster Socket (pair)
  • Extreme seat angle with 15” rear height (only on chairs bigger than 19/19, 20/20 and larger)

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  • Varilite Evolution Tall/18-Support Surface 14.5” – Height 22” (standard)
  • Optional Configurations Available for Varilite Tall & Regular Height
  • Adj. Swing Away Lateral Supports, Right/Left & Small/Large
  • Lumbar Support- Air Adjustable
  • H-strap for Shoulder Straps
  • Chest-Strap, in lieu of Shoulder Straps
  • Chest-Strap, in Addition to Shoulder Straps
  • Padded Shoulder Straps

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  • Ventilator Mount for Pulmonetics, ect.
  • Ventilator Mount w/ Gimble
  • Dual Batteries for Ventilator (includes charging system with dual outlet 12 volt)
  • Automotive Horn (loud)
  • Lighting Dual (L.E.D) Front/Taillights (taillights have flasher and turn indicator)
  • Auxiliary, 12 Volt Outlet
  • U1 Group Gel Cell battery ( 35% smaller)
  • 24 Group Gel Cell battery ( 35% larger)

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  • Chassis Locking System bolt in frame with two-hole positions
  • Accessible Rear Tie Down Points (Allows Chair to be Positioned w/ Tie Down)

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