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Article: Seating & Positioning, Options & Benefits

This article in New Mobility (digital bonus) is sponsored by Permobil but has some very positive things to say about Redman starting with (Options). I wish they would have used one of the pictures attached instead of the one of that Permobil. Charles Webb (pictured) has been a client of Redman for many years but only in the last couple of years did he decide to stand after over 49 years. Note what he says about his improved bone density and overall health.  Amazing success story!

Seating & Positioning, Options & Benefits

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The founders of Remdan Powerchair, Don & Paula Redman, have been working on this chair since 1984. Taking feedback from our customers to enhance the chair more and more every year. Contact us today at 800-727-6684 to set up an appointment to have our chair demonstrated. This will help you see how beneficial this chair can be to your life. If you like what you see we’ll even help you deal with your insurance company, so that we can get you in a Redman chair as soon as possible. Feel the true freedom a Redman Powerchair can bring to your life.


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