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Reaching Freedom with Redman Power Chair

We recently had some adventures in Canada, delivering a new Redman Power Chair to Cathy Bouthot in Chilliwack, BC. Cathy and her husband, Brian, were very happy to get her fitted for her new standing power chair. The occupational therapist, Joann, was also present to evaluate the fitting. The therapist was so impressed with our chair, she said anyone who finds out about it is going to want one. After 24 years with Multiple Sclerosis, Cathy is now able to do things again like topping the Christmas tree and helping herself to the freezer and overhead microwave. Brian sent us the following pictures with his sentiments…

“Thank you! You endured our ravenous Canadian Border drones and brought my wife and I the best Christmas present ever! After 24 years she can stand again! Chairapy is under way! Quality materials, honest helpful service, and engineering excellence! The Original American economic model in action that will always work!”

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Redman on FOX Business News

Redman Power Chair appeared on the December 7th, 2011 segment of Manufacturing Marvels with John Criswell, during the Freedom Watch program on FOX Business Network. Manufacturing Marvels spotlights American manufacturers, their products, as well as each companies’ processes and customers. In this video, you will get to see a tour of our manufacturing facility in Tucson, Arizona and the fabrication process used to produce our Chief 107-ZRx standing, reclining power wheelchair.


Ernie from Temecula Recommends Redman Power Chair

Ernie has been a C4 quadriplegic for the past 20 years of his life. At 6”2’ and 210lbs, Ernie likes to be active with his wife Amber and their children; his Redman standing power chair provides this freedom. He previously suffered from poor leg circulation and frequent UTI’s, but his health has greatly improved in the past 10 years using his Redman chairs. He highly recommends Redman as a very good, sturdy chair. He loves the way it handles and all of the therapeutic positions it allows.


Recently On The Tubes

Recently on the tubes, our friend Tom posted this video showing off how much he loves his Redman Standing Power Chair. Tom says, “I’ve made several videos featuring my Redman chair. I LOVE IT!! These chairs add years to peoples lives!!” We are very proud to be able to produce a chair that improves peoples lives in such a way. We always appreciate it when our friends share their experiences using Redman power chairs “on the tubes!”


Redman on FOX Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels

Manufacturing Marvels with John Criswell on FOX Business NetworkWe are proud to announce that we have been selected to appear on the December 7th segment of Manufacturing Marvels with John Criswell, during Freedom Watch on FOX Business Network. Redman was chosen because our power chairs are ingeniously balanced to tilt, stand, lift legs, and recline, and each chair is designed to meet each customer’s specifications and needs while providing maximum comfort, control, accessibility and ease of use. You will get to see a tour of our manufacturing facility and the fabrication process used to produce the highest quality standing power chair available on the market today.



The Benefits of a Positionable Power Wheelchair

Staying or moving in a stationary position for long periods can bring on a number of health related problems, such as Carpal Tunnel, ulcer problems, and muscle weakness. Having a wheelchair that allows the body frequent movement from the sitting position can help avoid some of these issues.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We all use our hands all day long, be it for typing, cooking, cleaning, or just turning the television on or off. For wheelchair users, this is multiplied several times further because of the constant need to get in and out of the chair and then propel the wheels, often over long distances. Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t just a computer issue. You might be surprised to know that it can be a major problem for wheelchair users, brought on by propelling a wheelchair all day long with repetitive motions. Half of wheelchair users get this injury that often has to be dealt with through surgery. This syndrome often begins with pain or tingling in the hands, moving up the arms. Eventually arms and hands are so painful that it becomes impossible to use them as normal.

Ulcer Problems

Most of you will have heard of the pressure ulcers that often affect seniors when they spend a long time lying in bed without moving. Wheelchair users can also suffer from pressure ulcers when they are in a chair for long periods. Pressure ulcers are caused by the unvarying pressure and friction of bed sheets and various materials in chairs. The ulcers develop in bony areas caused by the weight of the body on pressure points. These areas are difficult to heal with the cycle of further weight on the same pressure points. This makes the person unwilling to move because of the pain. Poor circulation also causes ulcers to appear. Regrettably, some medicines to help arthritis can also increase the chance of ulcers.

Muscle Weakness

Wheelchair users need to keep as fit as possible by being active or even playing sports to maintain body health. Without exercise other health problems begin to occur, brought on by an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. It’s a vicious cycle. Your muscles get weaker because of lack of exercise, and this includes the heart which needs to pump blood to your muscles. If your heart is weaker, you will find it harder to exercise. With age also comes the possibility for osteoporosis which can cause bones to break easier, resulting in further lack of mobility. Excess weight can add further strain to the heart and muscles. A healthy diet and load bearing activities are the best ways to prevent these problems. A DEXA scan (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) can see how load bearing activities have affected your bone strength.

Benefits of a Positionable Power Wheelchair

Depending on the funds available through savings or insurance, a powered wheelchair brings several advantages over a self powered chair to mitigate some of the health issues. While arm exercise will be reduced, which needs to be balanced by increasing other exercises, general health can be a major beneficiary, particularly for seniors who will lose arm power as age increases.

Some powered wheelchairs, such as the Redman Power Chair, allow movements that significantly aid good health. Having the chair allows you to move to a standing position, and the reverse, to a horizontal position (for example in a reclining chair), which can prove an advantage for many common day house and work responsibilities.

Improved breathing due to the position of the body and a significant reduction of pressure sores improves overall health and also both bowel and bladder functions. Blood flow and the functioning of the heart are also improved by such a chair. So despite these major health issues the right wheelchair choice can have a positive impact on your quality of life and that has to be a target for any wheelchair user.



What is the Battery Break-in Procedure?

All deep cycle gel batteries require a complete recharging (regardless of use) for the first 20 days of use in any power mobility product. Failure to do this could shorten the driving range, and may effect the overall life of the batteries.  Please click the link to view an excerpt from our manual regarding the gel batteries break-in procedure.


10 Little Indian Chiefs

new redman power standing wheelchairsThese Redman Power Chairs were just out of production as we snapped this photograph. Each power standing wheelchair has been tailor made specifically for their intended owners unique needs. We custom build them according to the users height, weight, and disability requirements; such as compensating for a person’s leaning tendency or to provide additional trunk stability or leg elevation, etc. By now, the new owners have received personal delivery of their new chairs, including our 25 point delivery inspection process, where final fitting adjustments are made and the chair is programmed for the individual.


We bend over backwards for you at Redman!

Our new “yoga strap” system is capable of more movement than the average person has flexibility. In this video, our model, Christy, hyper extends allowing for a soothing lumbar stretch using our reclining wheel chair capability. While not all Redman Power Chair users can benefit from this sort of stretching, it’s good to have the option available for those who are capable of doing some “chair yoga”. If you have an older model of Redman Power Chair, this system upgrade is available at a very reasonable cost. Contact us today to chat about it!


How is Service at Redman Power Chair?

The Redman company has service personnel available nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii. Additionally, we have roving factory service trucks covering the contiguous U.S. for updates and factory adjustments. It is important to note, that the Redman Power Chair product is not a “new” chair in the complete sense of the word… We have constantly been improving the same chair, and building it in the U.S. with U.S. components, for over 20 years. The current 2011 Redman Power Chair is the result of all these years of progress, and it is very dependable and self diagnosing. As a family owned and operated company, we take great pride in our service; if something is not meeting your needs please let me know directly.




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