Chairapy Wheelchair Yoga

The Chief 107-ZRX reclining, standing wheelchair makes it possible for users to exercise like never before. We call it CHAIRAPY.

What if you could do Yoga in your wheelchair? Sound like a far fetched idea? Not anymore!

Yoga is growing in popularity because of the benefits to physical and mental health. Increased muscle tone, relaxation and improved well being are all by products of doing Yoga regularly. However, many people who are confined to wheelchairs believe they will never have the ability to experience these physical benefits. This is no longer the case thanks to Redman Powerchair. Our Chief 107-ZRX allows you to move into multiple positions, much like yoga, and reap the health benefits.

We call it Chairapy: Enhancing your physical and mental well-being by positioning your body in any position desired allowing stretching and flexing of muscle groups.

The result is a more natural movement that is safe and comfortable for the user and decreases the likelihood of skin abrasion when changing positions. Look for our new video on how to use the Redman Power Chair to move and exercise like you’ve never been able to before. If you don’t already own a Redman Power Chair, contact us today to schedule a free demo of our reclining, standing power wheelchair. You’ll be glad you did.