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The Original Standing Wheelchair Pioneers

In 1984, Redman revolutionized the motorized wheelchair industry by introducing the first standing chair. That has been the company’s sole focus ever since. Rather than offering a confusing array of makes and models, Redman builds just ONE uniquely advanced standing power wheelchair, the Chief 107-ZRx. Our design and functionality improvements have come directly from you – our valued customers.

The Unique Motorized Wheelchair Design

The Redman Chief 107-ZRx moves intrinsically to mimic your body and offers unique positions – Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Tilt in Space – that no other chair offers. The Redman Power Chair is the only mid-wheel standing chair that elevates, tilts, stands, and reclines using an exclusive counterbalancing system.

With over 35 years of technological advancements – including multiple proprietary and patented designs – our custom-tailored wheelchair allows for uncompromised mobility and accessibility to interact more fully with the world around you.

Experience the Redman Power Chair Difference

Motorized Wheelchair
  • FDA-Regulated

  • VA Contracted

  • Medicare Approved

  • Custom-Built to Fit

  • Proudly Made in the USA

  • Complete Body Positioning  

  • Multi-Patented Unique Design

  • Narrowest Footprint Available

  • In-Home Demo & ATP Evaluation

  • One Year Parts & Labor Warranty

  • Complete Fit & Function Guarantee

  • Nationwide Authorized Service Network

  • In-House Insurance & Financing Department

The Highest Caliber Motorized Wheelchair on the Market

Our full-body positioning chair provides a variety of positions that no other chair on the market can offer. The Redman Chief 107-ZRx is the only mid-wheel standing chair that elevates, tilts, stands, and reclines. It has the narrowest footprint amongst all competitors.

Advocate for Ability!

The Redman Power Chair gives mobility back to the men, women, and children who need it most. To help you stand, recline, tilt, and stretch like you deserve to, our in-house team works directly with your medical providers and insurance companies to find the most cost-effective point possible.

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Reduce fatigue Motorized Wheelchair

The Body Positioning System You Need!

The Redman Standing Power Wheelchair is the clever choice in motorized wheelchair technology with a full-body positioning system.

Originally designed for the high-quadriplegic, the Redman Chief 107-ZRx is a complex rehabilitation chair. Specifically, it is a Multi-Option Group 3 Power Wheelchair and it is the very best in its class. Rehab chairs augment or replace function while providing support surfaces… this can help build and maintain muscle strength and elasticity along with a variety of other clinical health benefits. 

A power chair system that tilts, stands, stretches, elevates, reclines, articulates legs, and lets you interact fully with the world around you is simply the best choice you can make for your health and lifestyle.

Proven Clinical Benefits

Positioning standing wheelchair improves muscle tone, bone density, circulation, pressure sores, bladder function, and much more!

Unparalleled Technology

Patented counter-balancing system, mid-wheel design, and unique positioning options make the Chief 107-ZRx the very best in class.

Financing is Available!

We work directly with your insurance company and offer in-house financing and payment plans for any out-of-pocket you may have.

What People Are Saying

  • “Owning a Redman Chair has allowed me to stand up for the first time in 28 years. It was 24 years that I was sitting down. Being able to stand up has changed my life in a lot of ways. I am no longer at the bottom of the crowd. I am actually, when I stand up, the biggest guy in the room again. It also though, allowed me to be shorter than I was before. I can fit in a minivan where before I wasn’t able to fit in a minivan because of the angle it [the Redman chair] drops down to.”


    Diagnosis – C5 Spinal Cord Injury
    Traveled to 21 countries in his Redman chair

  • “The Redman Power Chair has improved my Grandma’s life beyond words. She can now get around and stand in a way that was impossible before. Their customer service is exceptional from the beginning to end, including any repairs they may come up. I would recommend this company to anyone from their outstanding service alone.”

    Bailey Sierra Marsh

    Google Reviewer

  • “At first our love for the Redman Power Chair was simply being able to stay at our home in Montana, where we had no sidewalks available to us for 5 miles. Although this is wonderful, the health benefits have even superseded this first love. As a C3 complete spinal cord injury tetraplegic, Bob has been free of any pressure sores, has not had any urinary tract infections for eight years and is not on any anti-spasm medications. Being able to stand several times a day keeps him in the very best health possible.”


    Diagnosis – C3 Complete SPI
    On his 5th Redman Chair

  • “Redman Power Chair as a company makes a chair that is unique being that is it the only one that stands you up straight. It is what I was looking for in the process of the next step of getting out of the wheelchair entirely. We have really enjoyed working with the people at Redman Customer service response has been exemplary equipment delivery works perfectly.”


    Diagnosis – C3/C4 Incomplete SCI

  • “I work in the Parkinson’s Disease field, Northwestern University’s neurology department in Chicago, and always recommend this company’s product. Parkinson’s disease patients experience motor neuron degradation, which is typically followed by muscular atrophy and loss of balance. Advanced patients regularly need the extra support in day-to-day activities such as standing up from a seated position. The wheelchairs this company offers is of great quality and has an amazing customer support team to match. They are extremely patient with their customers and very helpful for anyone who calls with any questions. I am happy to support this company and their products!”

    Kaitlyn Mary Mcgrath

    Google Reviewer

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