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The Redman Power Chair- Stands, Tilts, Elevates, Reclines, and Articulates Legs. It Is Your Ultimate Body Positioning System.

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Proven Clinical Benefits

Improve your bone density, circulation, relieve pressure sores, urinary tract infections and more. Read more about research revolving the clinical benefits.

Accessories, Adaptations and Technology

The assistive technology professionals and clinicians on our team help us specify functions of our chair to aid your specific diagnosis. We offer accessories based on accessibility needs, physical improvement and updated technology for practicality. 

Provide Financial Support

Our insurance department is intensely streamlined and efficient to get you approved. We complete the insurance process for you, offer payment plans or refurbished models.

We Help You Find the Right Fit


Redman Power Chair is the leading and premier choice in wheelchair technology and a full body positioning system. With over 35 years of experience and a proprietary patented design, our custom tailored power wheelchair will allow you the free range mobility to interact with the world around you.  A system that tilts, stands, stretches, elevates, reclines, and articulates legs is sure to be an investment to your mobility. Our suggestion is to consider these factors when searching for your perfect fit:

  • Complete Body Positioning

  • Custom Tailored

  • Outdoor & Heavy Duty Package

  • Smallest Dimensions Available

  • Direct & Nationwide Customer Service 24/7

  • Free Demo & ATP Eval

  • Fast Delivery

  • FDA Registered

Satisfied Redman Customers

Michael W.

Diagnosis- C5 Spinal Cord Injury

Traveled to 21 countries in his Redman chair

“Owning a Redman Chair has allowed me to stand up for the first time in 28 years. It was 24 years that I was sitting down. Being able to stand up has changed my life in a lot of ways. I am no longer at the bottom of the crowd. I am actually, when I stand up, the biggest guy in the room again. It also though, allowed me to be shorter than I was before. I can fit in a minivan where before I wasn’t able to fit in a minivan because of the angle it [the Redman chair] drops down to.”

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