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The World’s Premier Motorized Wheelchair

Redman Power Chairs is the leading and premier choice in motorized wheelchair technology. With over 30 years experience in wheelchair technology and a proprietary patented design, our custom tailored power wheelchairs will allow you the free range mobility to interact with the world around you. While most manufacturers of motorized wheelchairs attempt to make multiple versions or lines, with a Redman Power Chair you get a consistent product designed for your needs; not a motorized wheelchair that has been designed to meet everyone else’s.

Check out or Chief 107-ZRx Motorized Power Wheelchair and stand, recline, tilt, stretch and move like you never thought possible.

Power Wheelchair

Because power wheelchairs are an investment to your mobility, here are a few things to consider when looking for one:

– Power Wheelchairs should offer a complete body positioning system. When you or a loved one’s free range of mobility is influenced by a power wheelchair, nothing should inhibit free range of motion to the maximum capabilities of the user and their chair.

– A Power Wheelchair is not a one size fits all solution, nor should it be. Redman Power Chairs are custom tailored to fit the users dimensions and physical conditions. When looking for a power wheelchair, this should be a priority.

– Power Wheelchairs should meet the demands of outdoor use. Rugged Tires and options for an all encompassing heavier constructed chair are available with Redman.

– When selecting a Power Wheelchair manufacturer customer service should be priority #1. Because your chair will last you for years to come, fostering a positive relationship with the manufacturer is essential for things like repair and service needs.

– When looking for a Power Wheelchair manufacturer, FDA Registered companies are leading the way. With Redman Power Chair, you will never get anything less!

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Feel the relief of being able to stand and recline like you’ve never felt before.