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We’re Proud to Have 35 Years of Experience in the Field

Redman Power Chair pioneered the standing wheelchair over 35 years ago, combining fit and function with extreme reliability to enhance the lives of hundreds of satisfied customers. Our customers are the most discerning among power chair users and we enjoy many repeat buyers. Redman has been providing reliable mobility solutions for people with disabilities since 1975, making products that bring joy to their owners every day.


Arizona Medical Supply was formed. Don and Paula Redman entered the medical supply industry.


Redman Power Chair first formed as a company by introducing the very first standing power wheelchair.


Patented design approved by the FDA.


The 2021 Redman model is in the process for FDA approval!

Quality runs through the entire workshop, from every member to each chair.

– Michael Murphy – Lead Technician

Our Unique Approach to Power Chairs

The standing power chair market and our patented counter balance system give you the advantage. We have continuously perfected only one model for over 35 years through direct user feedback and without the filter of a middle man dealer. The result is a chair that tilts, stands, has leg lift, and power recline; all these features work seamlessly with you, the user.

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Reimbursement Specialist


Technical Expert


Production Technician


Compliance Officer

Our Philosophy

Modern and Timeless Design

Redman Power Chair was started in the early 90′s with a desire to build a chair that had yet to exist – “a standing and reclining power chair with independent leg elevation.” Our first chair was a feat of engineering that gave our customers the gift of movement, but we still had a long way to go.

Since then we have kept the same basic design but with significant improvements in drive system, maneuverability, underneath clearance, and overall footprint. The result is the latest in engineering and comfort – the Chief 107-ZRX.

The Most Durable Materials

All of our frames are hand made out of a blend of stainless steel, Chromalloy, and mild steel and then t.i.g. welded. The frame is then powder coated for a durable finish. Our chair is assembled using only stainless steel hardware and the finest components available.

Quality in All Aspects

To provide the finest standing power chair available supported by the best company in the business, combined with a compassion for those we serve. It has to be about much more than the product.

Keep Pace With Technology

To continue the evolution of the standing power chair as it relates to user comfort, control, and accessing their environment with a nimble efficient company that is capable of tailoring to individual needs and desires while supporting the product short and long term.

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