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A Power Chair Customized to You

At Redman Power Chair we know you are making an investment in your future, so we want you to be able to customize it to meet all of your wants and needs with a plethora of motorized wheelchair accessories. From controls to wheels and arm rests to foot rests, your electric wheelchair can be as unique as you are. Check out all of the following motorized wheelchair accessories that can be added during construction to make your chair more comfortable and fit your needs. To talk to a representative or request an in home demo, call or contact us today.

180 Color Options

Black is the standard chair color, or you can choose from 180 optional colors.


Flip Away Joystick

Chin Control, Omni Display (Bib control)

Sip-N-Puff, Omni Display

Head Control, Omni Display

Remote Mode Switch

Various Handle Designs (T-Bar, Goal Post, Mushroom etc.)

Attendant Control, Removable (Velcro or Magnetic)


12” x 3” Rear Air Filled w/ Gel (Standard)

12” x 4” Rear Air Filled w/ Gel (Offroad)


Raised Heel on Shoe Holder (3”)

Adjustable Angle Footplates (Left or Right)

Dual Flip Footrest (Flip Back and To The Side)

Special Length Footplate (Right or Left, Increase or Decrease in 1” Increments)

Footrest Pad to Raise

Add Maximum Clearance (½” Under Foot Plate)

Add High Legs (+5” Height)


Desk Length 10″ (Standard)

Full Length 14″ (With Extensions)

One Piece 18″ Channel Forearm Pad

Small 8″ Channel Forearm Pad

Medium 11.5″ Channel Forearm Pad

Large 14″ Channel Forearm Pad

Palm Extensor Module 9.25″ (necessary for small, medium, and large pads)

Custom Arm Pad


Quadtro (2″ Low, 4″ High Profile)

Flip-Away Seat Adductor On Seat Base

Velcro-On Adductor for Seat, 4″ x 4″ x 6″ Height

Pads on Posts (4×6) or (4×8) for Adduction (Knee Bolster Removed)

Adjustable Push-Up Canes for Knee Bolster Socket

Extreme seat angle with 15″ rear height (only on chairs bigger than 19/19, 20/20, and larger)


Varilite Evolution Tall, 18″ Support Surface 14.5″ – Height 22″ (Standard)

Optional Configurations Available for Varilite Tall & Regular Height

Adjustable Swing Away Lateral Supports  (Small/Large)

Lumbar Support (Air Adjustable)

Backpack Style Shoulder Strap (Standard)

H-Strap for Shoulder Straps

Zip-Up Harness (Shoulder Strap Style)

Chest-Strap (In lieu of or in addition to Shoulder Straps)

Padded Shoulder Straps


Heavy Duty Horn 

Lighting Dual (L.E.D) (Front, Taillights, Hazards, Turn Signals)

Phone Charger (Auxiliary, 12 Volt Outlet)

22 Group Batteries (Standard)

U1 Group Gel Cell Battery (35% smaller)

24 Group Gel Cell battery (35% larger)


Chassis Locking System (Bolt in frame with two-hole positions)

Accessible Rear Tie Down Points (Allows Chair to be Positioned w/ Tie Down)

Call About Our Power Chair Accessories

Did you find everything you were looking for? We pride ourselves in having the most complete body positioning system available today; designed for comfort and the therapeutic benefits of movement. The multitude of motorized wheelchair accessories and options we offer make it even more worth your while. If you’re ready to talk to a representative about ordering your Redman Power Chair, give us a call or book an appointment by clicking the button below!

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