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Frequently Asked Questions

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I Do Not Have a Redman Powerchair

How can I get my Redman Motorized Wheelchair funded?

The cost of a Redman Motorized Wheelchair could be as low as zero money out of pocket with qualifying insurance. The cost varies based on sizing and add-on options. We offer cash prepay discounts and we offer in-house 0% financing payment plans with a down payment. We occasionally have demonstrator units available for a reduced price. We work with everyone on an individual basis. The first place to start is by requesting a quote from our sales and insurance department to see what your specific case may be. We will happily contact your insurance(s) to determine your coverage amounts and work up a price quote based on your unique requirements!

Do you have a representative in my area?

We have representatives who travel throughout the United States for sales and demonstrations of the Redman Motorized Wheelchair and will come directly to you for an in-home demonstration of the chair.

Do you take insurance to purchase a motorized wheelchair?

Yes. We accept various insurance companies and handle each case with the same Redman representative.

How long is the process to purchase a Redman power chair?

Depending on whether you go through your insurance company (may take longer, an average of 6 – 8 months) or paid out of pocket, the process length may differ.

Do you provide technical support for my power chair?

We have contracted service technicians throughout the United States and use the closest to your area with an ideal 10 – 30 mile radius to answer any questions or concerns you have about your Redman Power Chair.

I Do Have a Redman Powerchair

How can I safely drive while standing?

We recommend only driving while standing in your Redman Power Chair in an indoor environment on flat, smooth surfaces. As a safety measure, your Redman chair will automatically adjust to half speed if you drive while in standing positions. Also, it is advisable to stand at a 170 or 190 degree tilt (instead of 180) for better traction.

How do I use my Roho cushion?

Here are a couple ways to use the ROHO red/green button located on the front of the cushion. Starting from a new unused “empty” cushion. To add/remove air to/from the cushion, push the GREEN button in. By pushing the RED button in, you are separating or “locking” the cushion in quarters. The MINIMUM amount of air you should have in the cushion is where you put a hand in between your “sit bones” and the seat plate; you can feel the pressure of the “sit bones” on your hand. Please check with your P.T. for more info on the minimum air for you.

If you like an overall firm cushion,

Start with pushing the GREEN button in, then pumping about 40 pumps. Then push the RED button in.

If you like an overall soft cushion,

Push the RED button in, sit on the cushion and get squared up the cushion, then push the GREEN button. You will feel the cushion start to settle. Some people will push the RED button in after a few minutes to “save” that setting.

If you have to sit “lopsided”,

Before sitting on the cushion, have the GREEN button in, push down on the side of the cushion that your body is thicker/firmer, and push the RED button in. This will help you sit more vertically. By adding or removing air, you can get a better overall feel.

If you like to sit “down” in the back of the cushion,

Start being off the cushion, GREEN button in, push down on the back half of the cushion, push the RED button in.

How long will my batteries last?

How do you drive? Where do you drive? What batteries do you have? Daily use or special event? The only test that can be controlled is by driving straight along a six mile distance of about two and a half or three hours at a constant speed in profile five with a two-hundred and fifty pound person. Group 24 batteries predictably last an extra thirty-five to forty-five minutes. A recovery from load period refers to the batteries signaling they are low and this sometimes happens from abrupt or extra strain on the power of the batteries. First turn your power chair off and give it a moment to rest. Temporary rejuvenation will occur as your power chair will gain back amps.

What regular maintenance should I do?

There is regular maintenance this recommended daily, weekly, and generally. Please see the Owner Operator and Maintenance Manual for proper instructions on maintenance. For reference, the basics include keeping the chair decently clean of dirt, twigs, etc. as well as regular maintenance of adding a few drops of motor oil (for example) to pivot points.

What do I do if I have an error code on my screen?

The first place to start is with a hard-reset. Please refer to your Owner Operator and Maintenance Manual for detailed instructions or call Redman’s 24/7 customer care hotline.

The Basics

Keep It Clean.

Like anything that has moving parts, your Redman Power Chair should be cleaned from time to time. You can use a spray bottle with soapy water for general cleaning, but take care to not get water in or around the electronics, motors, and connecters. For tougher cleaning, you can use a small amount of WD-40. Use computer dust-off to keep all the dust from accumulating on moving parts.

Keep It Lubricated.

Use WD-40 liberally on all of the hinged points and sewing machine oil where indicated in your manual. It’s good to lubricate every 30 days, or as needed when you hear a squeak. Remember this rule of thumb: If it is squeaking it is wearing.

Keep It Charged.

If you are using your chair every day you should be charging every day. A typical charge will take 8 hours. Try to never drive in the red zone on your charge indicator to avoid getting stranded without power. Driving in the red zone will unduly shorten the life of your battery.

Keep It Cool.

Our power chair can take a lot of abuse, but like anything, heat can take a toll. When maneuvering in tight places on soft surfaces (especially carpeting) you are using incredible amounts of energy and that equals heat. That heat will shorten the life of the motor and controller on you power chair. The key to a long life for your power chair is to minimize this kind of use.

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