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Our testimonials mean a lot to us. Not only do testimonials provide us with great feedback, testimonials also allow us to further improve our products and as a company ourselves.

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Testimonials Bob


Diagnosis- C3 Complete SPI

On his 5th Redman Chair

“At first our love for the Redman Power Chair was simply being able to stay at our home in Montana, where we had no sidewalks available to us for 5 miles. Although this is wonderful, the health benefits have even superseded this first love. As a C3 complete spinal cord injury tetraplegic, Bob has been free of any pressure sores, has not had any urinary tract infections for eight years, and is not on any anti-spasm medications. Being able to stand several times a day keeps him in the very best health possible.”

Testimonials Daniel


Diagnosis- C3/C4 Incomplete SCI

“Redman Power Chair as a company makes a chair that is unique being that is it the only one that stands you up straight. It is what I was looking for in the process of the next step of getting out of the wheelchair entirely. We have really enjoyed working with the people at Redman Customer service response has been exemplary equipment delivery works perfectly.”

Testimonials Michael


Diagnosis- C5 SPI

Traveled to 21 countries in his Redman Power Chair

“Owning a Redman Chair has allowed me to stand up for the first time in 28 years. It was 24 years that I was sitting down. Being able to stand up has changed my life in a lot of ways I am no longer at the bottom of the crowd, I am actually- when I stand up, the biggest guy in the room, again. It also though, allowed me to be shorter than I was before I can fit in a minivan where before I wasn’t able to fit in a minivan because of the angle it [the Redman chair] drops down to.”

Testimonials Michele & Mike

Michele & Mike

Diagnosis- C7-T1 Break

Hi, my name is Michele Neukirchen, I am paralyzed from the chest down with a C7-T1 break. This is the 3rd Redman powerchair that I have lived in. Each chair has had improvements that help bring comfort and helps me to feel safe. I especially love the air in the back cushion (fully adjustable) and the longer gel pad arm rests with just the right amount of firmness. The padded chest restraints with an easy lock system is comfortable. The Stand-up, Recline, and Foot-rest functions are easy to use. I have done my research looking for a stand-up chair that fits comfortably under a table and the Redman powerchair is the only one I have found that benefits me in this way. I also want to emphasize how important having a leg restraint to hold my legs and feet in place. The leg restraint allows me to sit with better posture and keeps my feet in place on the footrests. When I am in a manual wheelchair, I must always watch that my feet do not fall off and get hurt. Wherever I travel I have had many compliments, especially when standing. Many people confined in Wheelchairs and the loved ones of those individuals, have no idea that there is a wheelchair out there that allows one to stand. Not only does standing help my body physically but emotionally as well. When I stand and reach for something at home or while shopping, I am more independent. Also not always having to look up at people when talking helps my self-confidence. Thank you, Redman!

Do you need the freedom?

“I find when I stand with everyone else I am more included in the conversation. The chair is very dependable, one thing I don’t have to worry about, I’m comfortable rolling around on my own.” – Excerpts from New Mobility Magazine from another happy Redman client

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