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For over 35 years, Redman Power Chair has prided itself on creating an FDA-registered, made in America, power wheelchair specifically designed to match each user’s unique measurements and needs. We never mass-produce our power wheelchairs because we believe in maximizing the comfort and usability of our power wheelchair for each Redman Power Chair customer. From power wheelchairs with Adjustable Growth Kits to in-home evaluations and fittings, Redman Power Chair has successfully supported individuals throughout the country by helping them master their obstacles and achieve increased independence in their lives.

Redman Power Chair also provides Factory Direct Service. This service means we bring our services and expertise directly to your doorstep. Our nationwide team of trained technicians will evaluate your needs, provide a customized fitting, and deliver your Redman Power Chair to you. We provide a fit/function GUARANTEE! Plus, our team will come to your home for any repair or maintenance needs.

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