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Check Out Redman’s All Terrain Power Wheelchair

The Redman standing power chair provides unparalleled access, comfort and mobility. By manufacturing in the USA, with uncompromising dedication to engineering, quality and safety, we have created a unique motorized wheelchair with infinite possibilities.

The Chief 107-ZRX power chair has amazing capabilities that allow you to go almost anywhere, anytime, without having the fear of your power chair breaking down or becoming stuck on uneven terrain.

Redman’s attention to detail, innovative technology, and focus on customer satisfaction sets the bar for all terrain power wheelchair companies everywhere. To learn more, check out the quick links above. To request an in home demo, call or contact us today.

Go Off The Beaten Path in Your All Terrain Motorized Wheelchair

The Off Road Electric Wheelchair Package May Be Just Right for You

With the Chief 107-ZRX you are no longer confined to limited surfaces. You can go almost anywhere, anytime, without having the fear of your power chair breaking down or becoming stuck on uneven terrain.

The Redman all terrain power wheelchair has a 4” ground clearance that easily passes over obstacles such as rocks and branches. The superior maneuverability, small foot print and high quality craftsmanship can take you from dirt roads to the wooded terrain. Give yourself the freedom you desire by taking our Chief 107-ZRX off road wheelchair for a test drive today.

The Significance of Drive-Wheel Position on Your Off Road Power Chair

"Mid Wheel Makes Turning Natural and Intuitive"

Here at Redman Power Chair, we spent a lot of time to make our original design mid-wheel driven. Why are mid-wheel driven chairs the most popular drive position? There are six reasons for this choice:

One Having the drive wheels in mid-position makes turning natural and intuitive. The smaller the arc, the less centripetal force endured – which is important for trunk stability and maneuverability.

Two Traction and control are improved with midwheel driven chairs. Power chairs, unlike automobiles, have more traction when the wheels are toward the rear of the chair – as most of the weight is there. Front-wheel driven chairs suffer the most as traction is decreased.

Three Stability and traction is improved for going up and down ramps.

Four Speed and directional stability are improved.

Five Traversing slopes is easier as momentum is improved.

Six Drive wheels do not have to work as hard to spin casters – especially on soft surfaces.

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