Pediatric Wheelchair Option

Redman Power Chair

The power chair designed to emphasize independence for those continuing to grow.

Redman Power Chair understands that when your child is diagnosed with a disease like Cerebral Palsy, they will rely on a Group 3 power wheelchair for the rest of their lives. For over 35 years, Redman Power Chair has prioritized creating a power wheelchair that is designed to grow with your child. Our Adjustable Growth Kits allow your child to move, stand, sit, and recline throughout the course of their life. This unique design feature protects your child from the pain and health issues that often accompany out-growing a power wheelchair. There is no need to purchase multiple wheelchairs to support your child’s needs as they grow. Call today to learn more about Redman Power Chair’s Adjustable Growth Kits.

Pediatric wheelchairs are specifically designed for use by children. This category includes other kinds of chairs like manual, powered, and specialized wheelchairs–except all are built for kid-sized users. Some specialized pediatric wheelchairs are designed to accommodate specific mobility disorders to help children have independence with assistive technology.

For pediatric wheelchairs, the goal is for children to quickly adjust to using their chair and feel comfortable using it. Plus, as much as possible pediatric wheelchairs should be designed and styled in the way the child likes. Fun and decked-out pediatric wheelchairs can help the child’s confidence when interacting with peers.

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