Dare to Compare Motorized Wheelchairs

See why Redman exceeds

Redman Power Chair Versus Other Motorized Wheelchairs

Permobil, Levo, & Lifestand

Dare to compare the Redman motorized wheelchair to the Permobil, Levo and Lifestand chairs and see how we measure up. The Redman Power Chair is the highest quality Power Chair on the market today.  

First of all, the Redman Power Chair is more compact than Permobil, Levo and Lifestand chairs, enabling you to move around and turn in more narrow areas. The seat is also an inch or more lower than competitors, giving you the clearance you need to sit almost anywhere! In addition, the Redman comes standard with reclining capabilities and a 90 degree leg lift, which many competitors do not provide. Lastly, the max speed on a Redman, if you choose, is 9 mph and it can move on almost any surface! You'll be able to move quickly and efficiently almost anywhere you'd like to go!

We are extremely proud of our work and we would like to show how it will change your life. Simply click below and book a free in-home demo so we can show you why the Redman Power Chair is the most valuable motorized wheelchair on the market!

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Redman Power Chair

Redman is the #1 Motorized Wheelchair

The benefits of buying a Redman motorized wheelchair where the only focus has been ONE model and sold direct to you the customer!

Compare Redman Power Chair to Other Motorized Wheelchairs

1. We Do it All! Redman is more than a manufacturer…much more. That includes:

    1. Initial Evaluation along with Fitting
    2. Delivery and Set-up! (Complete Fit and Function Guarantee)
    3. Provide Complete Service with a Nationwide Trained Service Staff
    4. Insurance Billing done by Us
    5. Live Customer Care Support 24/7

2. No Dealer We are not as good as a dealer, we are much better. Save yourself the hassle. We have a long list of satisfied customers and many repeat buyers, some on their fourth chairs! Once you're a Redman customer you'll be with us for life!

3. We Build Only ONE Chair! Which means increased reliability and serviceability & continuous improvement on the product. We have customers still using the same chair after over 22 years of use.

4. Updates Can Be Made to Older Models! New designs and accessories are made to fit the older models as well. An old chair will still perform like a new one. The product is timeless.

5. Trade Ins - used power chairs are worth just about nothing unless they are a Redman. Our chairs have the best resale value of any power chair and, to prove it, we give you great value if you decide to trade up to a newer model.

6. Factory Direct Communication is better, much better. A power chair for a person with specific needs is very personal. We want the perfect chair for YOU.

7. Better Pricing By elimination of the middle man medical equipment dealer we deliver a superior product and service for original price.

8. Actually Customized to Fit Your Body Our chair is truly a tailor made product for your specific needs and desires. From seating adjustments to programmability!

9. Reputation and Certification Redman has been in business over fifty years. Our president, Don Redman, is a founding member and past president of the National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers. With a combined knowledge and experience all the way back to 1963

10. Unique and Patented Our chair is the only chair that allows you to position your body anywhere from seated to standing, stretch, yoga position and more while counter-balancing your weight.

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