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The World’s Premier Custom Power Fit Standing Wheelchair

REDMAN Power Chair has been perfecting the art of standing technology for over 30 years. With our proprietary and patented technology, the Chief 107-ZRx custom tailored standing power wheelchair allows you to stand, recline, tilt, stretch and move like you never thought possible.

Consider these factors when you’re seeking a standing chair and accept nothing less:

  • REDMAN manufactures one, and only one chair, and we continually dedicate ourselves to improving our chair every day. We have no other chairs or side businesses.
  • REDMAN standing power chair is the most complete body positioning system available today. It is designed for comfort and the therapeutic benefits of movement.
  • REDMAN chairs are not one size fits all. Our chair is tailored and custom fit for your body dimensions and physical conditions.
  • REDMAN chairs are built to “float” you into position with patented balance technology that will keep you safe in all positions.
  • REDMAN can further meet your needs depending on your environment. For example, if you need a chair for more rugged outdoor use, we can do a heavier construction and off road tires & wheels!
  • REDMAN’S professional staff focuses on attention to detail, innovative technology, and complete customer satisfaction, so we can continue to set the bar for power wheelchair companies everywhere.

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Feel the relief of being able to stand and recline like you’ve never felt before.

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