Exploring Standing Wheelchair Benefits

For many individuals who require a wheelchair, the disease or injury that robbed them of their mobility also took away their freedom and independence. In addition, the long-term use of a wheelchair can lead to serious health concerns associated with excessive sitting. If you’re looking for a solution to both of these challenges, it’s time to learn about standing wheelchair benefits for better health and independence. A standing wheelchair is a remarkable innovation that allows for near-total freedom of movement. You will be able to sit, stand, or recline at will. This will enable you to achieve more and get more out of life.

Standing wheelchair benefits shown in this image with chair in standing position.

Standing Wheelchair Benefits: Your Independence

One of the greatest losses wheelchair-bound individuals experience is the loss of freedom and independence. One of the many standing wheelchair benefits is the potential to gain back lost independence. A standing wheelchair converts effortlessly from a seated to an assisted standing position. You do not need to transfer out of the wheelchair to achieve this supported standing position.

This enables you to complete many everyday tasks independently, which is invaluable if you live in an unmodified home. You’ll be able to reach items from upper cupboards and prepare food on a countertop. The benefits of a standing wheelchair also extend to the work environment, as many work-related tasks must be completed while standing.

Furthermore, a standing wheelchair offers social and psychological benefits as well. You will be able to look others in the eye while speaking to them, instead of constantly looking up at other people.

Benefits with a Redman: Your Health

The advantages of a standing wheelchair include many health benefits. It’s widely known that sitting for hours each day increases the risk of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers. In fact, it’s detrimental to your muscle tone, blood circulation, and bone mineral density. Excessive sitting can also interfere with proper digestion, bladder function, and even breathing ability. Plus, it increases the risk of potentially life-threatening pressure sores. This helps wheelchair-bound individuals by freeing them from the many hours of sitting that a conventional wheelchair requires, consequently reducing these health risks.

If you’re thinking about buying a motorized wheelchair that allows for more than just sitting, the choice is clear. The Redman Power Chair is the gold standard in the industry. Redman focuses exclusively on our flagship product, which means you’ll benefit from our unsurpassed attention to detail, reliable and innovative features, and commitment to consumer safety. To find out more about the many standing wheelchair benefits, we invite you to request a complimentary in-home demonstration. Call 1-800-727-6684 today.

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Redman’s Reclining Wheelchair Benefits

Unlike the limitations of other models, the Redman Chief 107-ZRX reclining wheelchair allows you to recline at multiple angles, ensuring you can always find a comfortable position. Overcome limited mobility and help in assisting your caretakers with a variety of mechanical positioning options.

Dual Capability

The Redman Chief 107-RX reclining wheelchair enables the user to lift and lower your torso and legs separately. This ability allows for even more flexibility in positioning. Whichever position you feel comfortable in, the Redman Power Chair can ease you into it with comfort and safety.

Benefits Beyond Comfort with a reclining wheelchair

Redistributing weight from under the person’s bottom to the back support helps to reduce pressure and increase comfort, but a reclining wheelchair does more than just that. The problem with reclining is that pressure gets transferred to the sacrum, the triangular bone at the bottom of the spine. This pressure, referred to as shear force, causes discomfort and breaks down the skin fairly quickly. Studies show that tilting the wheelchair by 20 degrees helps to significantly reduce shear force. Further, a tilt of 25 degrees eliminates shear. With the Chief 107-RX, you can recline to a full 90 degrees, meaning shear force doesn’t stand a chance!


Tilting enhances the patient’s feeling of security as the possibility of falling forward from the sitting position often makes him/her very apprehensive. Additionally, tilt ensures stability, especially when going down a slope.

Relieve Pain

The anterior annulus of a slumping patient (whose spine is flexed) experiences 50 percent more pressure than when the spine is in its natural position. This can cause back pain. This can be avoided if a reclining chair is used.

And More

See a full range of benefits, learn more, and even book a demo to see for yourself the difference a Redman Power Chair could make in your life by continuing to explore our website.

With many options out there in reclining wheelchair manufacturers, you will need to understand and decide how a reclining wheelchair works to best suit your medical needs. One specific type of wheelchair that is recommended for patients is the reclinable wheelchair. This type of wheelchair allows you to move the backrest through a wider angle of options into a position that is comfortable for the user.

In addition, reclining wheelchairs may also be the best solution if you suffer from medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart malfunction, hip contracture, and more. Through the rage of motion, it’s not uncommon for medical patients to experience improvements in the aforementioned medical conditions above as a reclining wheelchair helps to increase the total range of motion that otherwise may not be possible.

Reclining Wheelchair by Redman being demonstrated.

More Ways That A Redman Can Help Mobility

Reclining wheelchairs can help individuals suffering from specific conditions in many ways.

Pressure Sores – With the built-in reclining feature of a Redman Power Chair the user’s body weight will be more evenly distributed across the chair to prevent and avoid pressure sores. Pressure sores are most common when an individual has become immobile and sits or lays down all day.

Hypotension and Hypertension – The Redman Power Chair helps aid with these two diagnoses by allowing users to adjust their leg and body position. Conventionally, sitting wheelchairs can lead to bouts of hypotension as an individual is immobile for long periods and will experience a decrease in arterial pressure. With a Redman, it is easy to adjust for this through the use of controls featured on the chair its self.

Easier Transfers – Transferring a loved one from a conventional wheelchair to a bed may be strenuous or impossible. With the Redman reclining wheelchair, you can recline the users’ chair so that it is parallel with the bed, making transfers to and from much easier.

Comfort in Mind – Sitting for extended periods of time in a chair that doesn’t prioritize comfort can lead to a loss of overall loss in quality of living. Redman Power Chair accommodates its users by accounting for this and only uses the best materials for your all-day comfort.


Reclining wheelchairs can help individuals suffering from specific conditions in many ways. With the ability to recline at progressive angles, our chairs help decrease energy exerted by individuals who suffer from ongoing medical conditions. In addition to helping with ongoing conditions, reclining wheelchairs offer more flexibility for care providers and family members when it is necessary.

If you’re looking for a free demo of a Redman Power Chair, Contact Us Today!

Top Reasons to Purchase Factory Direct from Redman Power Chair

The benefits of buying a power chair where the only focus has been ONE model and sold direct without middle men medical equipment dealers.

1.) Redman is more than a manufacturer…much more. We are a full service dealer for the entire United States. We do the initial evaluation and fitting, delivery and set up with a complete fit and function guarantee. We do all of the insurance billing for you and provide complete service with a nationwide trained service staff and livecustomer care support 24/7. We are not as good as a dealer, we are much better. We have a long list of satisfied customers and many repeat buyers. Some customers are on their fourth chairs. Once you’re a Redman customer you’ll be with us for life!

2.) Our chair is de-bugged. Building only ONE chair for so long enables us to greatly increase reliability and serviceability. We continuously improve the product in every aspect. We have customers still using the same chair after over 22 years of use.

3.) Updates can be made to older models! When we design something new for our chair we always endeavor to make it fit the older chair so, even if you have an older chair, it can still perform like the new one.

4.) Trade ins – used power chairs are worth just about nothing unless they’re a Redman. Our chairs have the best re-sale value of any power chair and, to prove it, we give you great value if you decide to trade up to a newer model.

5.) Factory direct communication is better, much better. A power chair for a person with specific needs is very personal. At Redman we understand that. One things that has helped our chair evolve to where it is today is this personal involvement you’ll always receive without the buffer of a middle man medical equipment dealer.

6.) Intrinsically ONE. Out chassis is only one piece. We do not ADD ON systems to a power base (recline, stand etc.). The net result is a better functioning smaller footprint chair with more durability and rigidity. Yes, it costs more to build a chair this way, but the net result is a much better chair for you.

7.) Pricing….by elimination of the middle man medical equipment dealer we deliver a superior product and service for the same price.

8.) Customization…our chair fits and works better because it is truly a tailor made product for your specific needs and desires. We have much more capability than a middle man medical equipment dealer.

9.) Reputation…Redman has been in business a long time. Our president, Don Redman, is a founding member and past president of the National Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers. With a combined knowledge and experience all the way back to 1963. Long before there were power wheelchairs.

EasyStand, Standing Frames, Mobile Standers & the Redman Power Chair Comparison

It has been proven that standing exercises and therapies drastically improve the quality of life of power chair users, but it can often be a trivial task determining exactly what therapy or standing device is right for them.  For many, a standing frame is the answer, but in too many cases, patients tire of standing frames because of the difficult task to transfer into them and lack of mobility. The Redman Power Chair team provides a product that eliminates the problems of the standing frame and gives its users more independence and access to a way of life they never thought possible.

Redman and Easystand comparision photo
Redman Power Chair (left) EasyStand (right)

What is a Standing Frame? The Standing Frame or Stander is an assistive technology that allows disabled person into the standing position. Users generally need assistance to transfer themselves into the frame while in the sitting position and utilize a range of controls to maneuver into the standing position.  Standing frames like EasyStand and StandAid are an innovative form of technology used in hospitals, rehabs, and in-home, and can be used as exercise or stretching equipment. Standing frames come in several different makes and models and offer varied positions. If you haven’t yet, read about the health benefits of standing to truly understand the benefit and impact these devices have on their users and take a look at this:

  • Participants in a study by advanceweb.com lost almost no bone mineral density when being involved in early loading exercises (like standing) as opposed to 6.9-9.4% loss in sedentary patients
  • According to CNN, insulin works 40% better when our muscles are firing, and they do so when standing
  • Getting spinal injury patients into the upright position daily is beneficial for circulation and kidney function – Professor Jan Ritchie from UNSW School of Public Health and Community Medicine

Though they are a much-needed resource for power chair users, standing frames have their flaws. Generally speaking, standing frames are NOT mobile—in fact, there are very few mobile standing frames on the market at all. Some noted manufacturers include the Easy Stand and the StandAid, yet most of these devices are bulky and because of this, are difficult to maneuver in small spaces. Additionally, mobile standers aren’t meant for round-the-clock use and people who use mobile standers still need a wheelchair for mobility outside the home, hospital, or rehab center.  They are large, difficult to operate, and in many cases use a crank (impossible for use by quadriplegics) .   The difficulty in operation and transfer often causes the user to rely on a caregiver, lessening their independence. They are simply for use as therapy.

You cannot deny that standing is extremely beneficial to those who spend most of their time in a wheelchair.  The importance of increased blood flow to the body, improved circulation, and increased bone mineral density support standing frames, but there is plenty of room for improvement.  Because standing frames are difficult to transfer in to and lack full-mobility, over time, users stop using their standers and they end up collecting dust or becoming an expensive clothes rack.  Having one device for mobility proves to be beneficial for matter of convenience and ease of use.  The Redman Standing Power chair does much more for its user than traditional standing frames.  In fact, over 70% of Redman users had a standing frame like the EasyStand Evolv before they switched to the Redman Chief 107-ZRx, and here’s why they switched:

  • The Redman Power Chair is a full mobility stander, recliner and a power chair in one
  • Easy transfer from the chair, the Chief 107-ZRx has adjustable arms and lifts for easy transfer–complaints with the EasyStand and StandAid often address difficult transfer
  • Unlike other scooters or power chairs, the Redman Power Chair delivers power recline and 90 degree leg elevation standard
  • Power chairs drive at about 4-6 mph on average, the Redman Chief 107-XRx can hit speeds up to 9mph
  • Uneven streets and rough terrain are easily conquered by the Redman chair with its 4” ground clearance and superior maneuverability
  • The Chief 107-ZRx supports almost 100lbs more weight than its competitors
  • Redman offers an unprecedented warranty of parts, labor AND wear components standard
  • We have been working on only ONE chair for the past 20 years and our product is a reflection of that


A standing frame is around 3500 out of pocket. Standing frames are not  covered by insurance, but neither is a power chair. Why use the money you could be putting towards a Redman standing power chair on something inferior? Medicare is a provider for our power chair with proper documentation. With co-insurance out of pocket expense could be minimal.

To learn more about the Redman Power Chair, compare the Redman Chief 107-ZRx to its competitors and see how they measure up.  When looking to improve your quality of life with a quality product, you have to know what makes it special. The Redman Standing Power Chair is the COMPLETE standing mobility solution.  Request a free demo and we will show you how this chair can improve your quality of life.

Why the Redman Standing Wheelchair Makes All Other Wheelchairs and Standing Frames Obsolete

The wheelchair has been around since the late 16th century and no one can deny the amazing effect it has had on the disabled community.  It has given those with challenged mobility the ability to be self sufficient, and to go where they had trouble going before.  Advances in the wheelchair and standing frames have brought us to the amazing technologies our time has to offer.

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Health Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Many people who can stand do not understand the amazing benefits of being able to do so. Such as independence and the naturally occurring health benefits from changing posture. When someone is forced to sit in one position for extreme amount of time, health problems will naturally occur. In fact, physicians have been documenting the benefits of standing devices for years throughout medical publications. Now, thanks to Redman Power chair, the world’s highest quality standing wheelchair, even people with spinal cord injuries can reap the health benefits of standing.

Physical Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Urinary Health – Urinary Tract Infections are common among people who are in wheelchairs. However, studies have shown that using a standing device or standing wheelchair can greatly decrease urinary tract infections.

Circulation – Changing posture helps the blood circulate around the body. For example, sitting in one position causes the blood to stagnate and reduce circulation to other places of the body.

Spasticity – Staying in one position, such as sitting, can cause muscle spasticity. Changing posture helps relax the muscles and reduce spasticity.

Bowel Function – Poor bowel function is a common complaint among wheel chair users. However, according to numerous studies, standing exercises can greatly improve bowel function. Even when using a standing wheelchair these results are the same.

Pressure Sores – Pressure sores occur from constant pressure on one area of the body. Being able to stand up in a wheelchair helps distribute your weight and improve healing of bed sores.

Contractures – Sitting for long periods of time may cause the joints and muscles to stiffen. Standing allows the muscles to get stretched and exercised, decreasing the amount of stiffness you experience in joints and muscles.

Bone Density – Some evidence shows that standing wheelchairs may increase bone density. This is because standing puts more weight on your bones than sitting.

Psychological Benefits of Standing Wheelchairs

Independence – Standing is the foundation of reclaiming independence. A few examples include being able to reach cupboards, change light-bulbs, and looking into a mirror at a regular level.

Increased cognition – Better circulation often means better cognition. Standing wheelchairs may help with certain cognitive tasks such as memory and focus.

Fatigue – Sitting or lying down for too long is a known cause for fatigue. Muscles may atrophy and quickly tire. Standing up helps exercises these muscles and reduce fatigue.

Depression – Depression is often caused by feeling a lack of control over certain situations. So it is no wonder why people confined to a wheelchair may suffer from depression. However, gaining the ability to stand, even with assistance, helps reclaim a certain amount of control and helps reduce depression.

Well Being – Wellbeing is dramatically increased by using a standing wheelchair. You can be on “the same level” when talking or communicating as others. You can also make eye contact, pose for photographs, hug standing up and much more.

Here is a concise benefits summary from RESNA, the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America:
“It is RESNA’s position that wheelchair standing devices are medically beneficial for wheelchair users by: improving functional reach and access to enable participation in ADLs, improving mobility and lower limb function in those with some preservation of lower limb strength, improving range of motion and reducing the risk of contractures, promotion of vital organ capacity including pulmonary, bowel and bladder function, promoting bone health, improving circulation, reducing abnormal muscle tone and spasticity, reducing the occurrence of pressure ulcers and skeletal deformities, and providing numerous psychosocial and quality of life benefits.”

Read the full statement at RESNA Position On The Application Of Wheelchair Standing Devices.


The Benefits of a Positionable Power Wheelchair

Staying or moving in a stationary position for long periods can bring on a number of health-related problems, such as Carpal Tunnel, ulcer problems, and muscle weakness. Having a wheelchair that allows the body frequent movement from the sitting position can help avoid some of these issues.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We all use our hands all day long, be it for typing, cooking, cleaning, or just turning the television on or off. For wheelchair users, this is multiplied several times further because of the constant need to get in and out of the chair and then propel the wheels, often over long distances. Carpal tunnel syndrome isn’t just a computer issue. You might be surprised to know that it can be a major problem for wheelchair users, brought on by propelling a wheelchair all day long with repetitive motions. Half of wheelchair users get this injury that often has to be dealt with through surgery. This syndrome often begins with pain or tingling in the hands, moving up the arms. Eventually arms and hands are so painful that it becomes impossible to use them as normal.

Ulcer Problems

Most of you will have heard of the pressure ulcers that often affect seniors when they spend a long time lying in bed without moving. Wheelchair users can also suffer from pressure ulcers when they are in a chair for long periods. Pressure ulcers are caused by the unvarying pressure and friction of bed sheets and various materials in chairs. The ulcers develop in bony areas caused by the weight of the body on pressure points. These areas are difficult to heal with the cycle of further weight on the same pressure points. This makes the person unwilling to move because of the pain. Poor circulation also causes ulcers to appear. Regrettably, some medicines to help arthritis can also increase the chance of ulcers.

Muscle Weakness

Wheelchair users need to keep as fit as possible by being active or even playing sports to maintain body health. Without exercise, other health problems begin to occur, brought on by an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. It’s a vicious cycle. Your muscles get weaker because of lack of exercise, and this includes the heart which needs to pump blood to your muscles. If your heart is weaker, you will find it harder to exercise. With age also comes the possibility for osteoporosis which can cause bones to break easier, resulting in further lack of mobility. Excess weight can add further strain to the heart and muscles. A healthy diet and load-bearing activities are the best ways to prevent these problems. A DEXA scan (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) can see how load-bearing activities have affected your bone strength.

Benefits of a Positionable Power Wheelchair

Depending on the funds available through savings or insurance, a powered wheelchair brings several advantages over a self powered chair to mitigate some of the health issues. While arm exercise will be reduced, which needs to be balanced by increasing other exercises, general health can be a major beneficiary, particularly for seniors who will lose arm power as age increases.

Some powered wheelchairs, such as the Redman Power Chair, allow movements that significantly aid good health. Having the chair allows you to move to a standing position, and the reverse, to a horizontal position (for example in a reclining chair), which can prove an advantage for many common day houses and work responsibilities.

Improved breathing due to the position of the body and a significant reduction of pressure sores improves overall health and also both bowel and bladder functions. Blood flow and the functioning of the heart are also improved by such a chair. So despite these major health issues, the right wheelchair choice can have a positive impact on your quality of life and that has to be a target for any wheelchair user.



New Mobility Article: Seating & Positioning, Options & Benefits

This article in New Mobility (digital bonus) is sponsored by Permobil but has some very positive things to say about Redman starting with (Options). I wish they would have used one of the pictures attached instead of the one of that Permobil. Charles Webb (pictured) has been a client of Redman for many years but only in the last couple of years did he decide to stand after over 49 years. Note what he says about his improved bone density and overall health.  Amazing success story!

Seating & Positioning, Options & Benefits

About Redman Powerchair

The founders of Redman Powerchair, Don & Paula Redman, have been working on this chair since 1984. Taking feedback from our customers to enhance the chair more and more every year. Contact us today at 800-727-6684 to set up an appointment to have our chair demonstrated. This will help you see how beneficial this chair can be to your life. If you like what you see we’ll even help you deal with your insurance company, so that we can get you in a Redman chair as soon as possible. Feel the true freedom a Redman Powerchair can bring to your life.

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