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Redman Power Chair at the Boston Abilities Expo

abilities-expo-BOSTONVisit Redman Power Chair this weekend at the Boston Abilities Expo! Join the Redman team at booth 515, September 20 through 22, and experience first-hand the relief of being able to stand and recline like you’ve never felt before in the all-new Redman Chief 107ZRX Power Standing Wheelchair!

Learn more about the Abilities Expo, who it benefits, and to see what other vendors will be there, by visiting www.abilitiesexpo.com/boston/.

Hours: Fri. 11AM – 5PM, Sat. 11AM -5PM, Sun 11AM – 4PM
Booth: 515 (Download the Expo Floor Plan)
Admission: Free
Where: The Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall C

Redman Power Chair Will Be at the Abilities Expo Houston!

2013 Abilities Expo Houston
Haven’t had the chance to see the Redman Power Chair in person yet? Want to experience the feeling of standing, reclining, and more, all in one powerchair? Come visit us at the Abilities Expo Houston, August 2-4 in booth 428 and find out for yourself why so many users choose Redman Power Chair. To learn more about the Abilities Expo, who it benefits, and to see what other vendors will be there, visit https://www.abilities.com/expos/.

Hours: Fri. 11-AM-5 PM, Sat. 11 AM-5 PM, Sun 11 AM-4PM

See you all there!


Come See Redman Power Chair at the New York Metro Abilities Expo


Redman Power Chair will be showcasing the 3013 Chief 107 ZRx at the New York Metro Abilities Expo; if you or any one you know will be in the area May 3-4, come on by to see the latest and greatest advancements in standing power wheelchairs.

Here’s Where We’ll Be Located: Booth 723 Floorplan_expoTo learn more about the Abilities Expo, who it benefits, and to see what other vendors will be there, check out their website for the New York Metro times, dates, and vendors at www.abilities.com/expos/.  See you all there!

Redman Power Chair at the Los Angeles Abilities Expo

It’s that time again! Redman Power Chair will be at the Abilities Expo in Los Angles this March 15th-17th.  We will be bringing our latest model, the 2013 Chief 107-ZRx for you to experience for yourself.  Stop by our booth and talk to us about all of the new features of our latest model, take it for a spin, and learn about all of the new and exciting things to come at Redman Power Chair.

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Redman Announces the Power2Go Automotive Powerchair Charger

Redman Auto Wheelchair ChargerRedman Power Chair proudly introduces the new Power2Go Automotive Charging System. It’s the first “fast” charging system for all models of the Redman Power Chair, and is also compatible with any power chair with a 3 prong connector. The new vehicle charging system allows you to charge your power chair on the go with a full 8 amps of power, far more than any auto charger available today. It plugs into any 12 volt vehicle outlet, and amazingly charges at the same rate as most home chargers.

The Power2Go Automotive charger is available now by calling 1-800-727-6684, Ext. 1, promt 2.

Redman Power Chair Unveils the 2013 Model

Redman Advances the 20 Year Legacy with the New Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Chair

From the leaders of standing technology comes the latest advancement in the 20 year legacy. Redman Power Chair introduces the 2013 model of the already jaw-dropping Chief 107-ZRx to kick off the New Year.

New features and an incredibly sleek design improve on the Chief 107-ZRx and introduce the new face of standing power chairs. The look and feel of the Redman image has shifted into the New Year with a more modern and eye-catching image complete with a redesigned website that is contemporary and sleek, much like the chair itself. Explore the website to see the changes and watch a preview video of the new model.

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Holiday Greetings and 2013 Preview

We’d like to take  a moment to say thank you for all your support this year. We’ve had a great year thanks to our loyal customers, and the new year promises to be filled with wonderful new things from Redman Power Chair. We haven’t been idle…we’ve been working on our future, and the new year will usher exciting new changes.

We have a lot of new accessories available for the Chief 107ZRx that have never been seen! We’ll be rolling those out just after the first of the year. These new accessories are made to enhance the quality of your life, and will be available for all of our chairs.

The Redman team will be traveling to more trade shows in the new year, too, so you’ll have an opportunity to visit with us in person and see the latest features.

Happy holidays Redman banner

Conquer the 2012 Holiday Season with 6 Tips from Redman

6 tips to conquer the holiday season from redman teamWith the holidays right around the corner, everyone is scrambling to get their holiday shopping taken care of, and fast.  Having a solid plan of action can be an extremely beneficial component in making sure your shopping experience is a positive one because shopping in a power chair or wheelchair has its perks and setbacks.  Keep these tips in mind so as to not be overwhelmed and overburdened with this holiday task.

1. Sleep Well

Nothing can prepare us better for the following morning than the night before, and nothing beats a good night’s rest. Though your feet might not get tired in your Redman Power Chair, you can still wear yourself out, and your good holiday cheer can turn into the ba-humbug’s pretty quickly when you’re tired.

2. Be Prepared

Make a list, stick to it, research the stores you are going to before you go there and map out where the products are located so that you can get in and out quickly.  If you have a smartphone, there are several resources for locating products in a store, try Good Guide, and ShopSavy. These apps let you scan a barcode and not only will it tell you exactly where in the store that item is located, but whether or not the price is right.

3. Keep Sustained

Before you head out, make sure you eat a balanced breakfast and pack yourself a snack for later on in the day if you don’t plan on stopping for a meal.  Trail mixes and Smart Water are great tools to keep on hand. Nuts offer an excellent source of protein, and Smart Water has electrolytes to keep your body working to the best of its ability.  Keep yourself hydrated and full to maintain energy throughout the day. And don’t forget to take frequent breaks, stretching your limbs when you can.

4.Shop with Positive People

A smile is contagious and negativity can be is as well. Shopping with a positive person can keep your morale up, and having an extra bit of help can make maneuvering in cluttered stores and holding shopping bags a bit easier. Shop with someone that can match your speed and drive to get things done, but one that can also pick up on hints, like when you’re tired or need help.

Red sale button being clicked on by a mouse cursor.5. Re-think Your Gifts

We all love online shopping, and with the right planning, it’s the only solution you need.  Plan ahead and get as much shopping done online as you can to avoid the nightmares that come along with mall shopping before the holidays. Gift cards and vouchers are also an excellent alternative to mall shopping, and your gift is guaranteed to be what they wanted (after all, they picked it out themselves).

6. Relax

The holidays come EVERY year, and you don’t have to get every single thing on your list.  Only do what you can, and never over-exert yourself.  Gift-giving should be fun, not tedious, and when you feel like you’ve overdone it, call it quits! Spending time with family is the best gift of the season.

Keep these tips in mind, and happy shopping from the Redman team!

A Look at the Backbone of the Redman Chief 107 ZRx

The quality of a Redman Power Chair is built-in, not added on, and it all starts with the back-bone of the Chief 107 ZRx, the frame. We struggle with simply using the word frame because it truly means so much more. Our frame is uniquely one piece that is tailored for each individual user according to their unique physical needs. Our approach to building the very best power chair available is not cheap. It’s taken over 20 years to perfect one design, completely integrating the unique design features of the Redman Power Chair, to give you a unified design that out-performs any other reclining, standing power chair. It’s built by a family-owned company right here in the USA.

We don’t add standing on as a feature…it’s built-in. Want to recline? We designed and built it in from the beginning.

Is this more expensive to build? You bet it is. But it’s worth it to have the durability and vastly improved performance. A Redman Power Chair has the smallest footprint of any reclining, standing power chair, allowing you to access your environment in ways you never thought possible. Indoors, outdoors, in your vehicle, at the office, and even in small, hard to navigate places like the bathroom.

We think it’s a thing of beauty. And it all starts with a frame. The backbone of the Chief 107 ZRx Redman Power Chair.

Click here for a free demo.


Announcing Free Silent Stabilizer Wheels for Qualifying Customers

Redman Power chairRedman Power Chair is pleased to announce a free upgrade to certain users of our power wheelchairs.

Previous user feedback lead us to a new, quieter real stabilizer wheel that we are proud to now offer for free to any user with a 2″ x 4″ wheel on their current chair. It’s important to us that our users have a great experience with our chairs, so after testing this new wheel we are ecstatic to say it dramatically reduces noise generated by the old rear stabilizer wheels. We believe this is such an improvement, we are offering a FREE upgrade to our customers.

Installation is easy, too! With just a few household tools and existing hardware, the change will take just a few minutes.

To get your new set of wheels, simply call  (800) 727-6684, option 1, then option 2. Your wheels should arrive in about a week.

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