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4 Tips to Keep Your Power Chair Humming Along

power chair maintenance tipsKeep It Clean. Like anything that has moving parts, your power wheelchair should be cleaned from time to time. You can use a spray bottle with soapy water for general cleaning, but take care to not get water in or around the electronics, motors, and connectors. For tougher cleaning, you can use a small amount of WD-40. Use computer dust-off (compressed air in a can) to keep all the dust from accumulating on moving parts.

Keep It Lubricated. Use WD-40 liberally on all of the hinged points and sewing machine oil where indicated in your manual. It’s good to lubricate every 30 days, or as needed when you hear a squeak. Remember this rule of thumb: If it is squeaking, it is wearing.

Keep It Charged. If you are using your chair every day, you should be charging it every day. A typical charge will take 8 hours. Try to never drive in the red zone on your charge indicator to avoid getting stranded without power. Driving in the red zone will unduly shorten the life of your battery.

Keep It Cool. Power chairs can take a lot of abuse, but like anything, heat can take a toll. When maneuvering in tight places on soft surfaces (especially carpeting) you are using incredible amounts of energy and that equals heat. That heat will shorten the life of the motor and controller on your power chair. The key to a long life for your power chair is to minimize this kind of use.

We hope these simple tips will help keep you and your chair humming a happy tune for many years to come!

Wheelchair Safety Tips

If you’re using a wheelchair, it’s likely because of a debilitating injury or a chronic disease. That means staying safe when operating your wheelchair is vital.

Virtually all modern wheelchairs come with built-in safety measures, but that isn’t a foolproof safeguard against user error. As a user, you can do several things to put your safety at risk while using a wheelchair.

At Redman, we’re a team of dedicated wheelchair specialists. Our entire goal is to provide our clients with high-quality wheelchairs that are dependable. That also means making sure you understand how to use a wheelchair safely.

Here are some of the top wheelchair safety tips…

Wheelchair Safety Tips

Operating your wheelchair safely

One significant way to ensure your wheelchair remains in optimal operation is to service it regularly. Improperly maintained wheelchairs can malfunction at any time.

Every wheelchair is different, so read your user manual to find out the right maintenance schedule. If you own a Redman, contact us directly for an authorized service provider in your area.

Do your best to avoid sudden jolts or tugs on other objects, and be sure to keep loose objects away from the wheels at all times.

Always make sure the wheels of your wheelchair are planted on the surface of the ground. This ensures you maintain proper balance at all times.

Avoid exposing your joystick to rain and inclement weather wherever possible to help maintain its functionality.

Never add too much weight to your wheelchair. Always look at the chair specifications to see the maximum weight allowed for your chair. A Redman supports up to 250lbs unless it has been customized to support more.

A failsafe way to avoid any wheelchair accidents is simply by being attentive. As long as you watch your surroundings, you shouldn’t have too many problems operating your wheelchair.

You can find additional tips for staying safe while operating your wheelchair in these articles at Aquilacorp and Healthnetcafe.

Other questions about wheelchair safety include…

Q: How do you use a wheelchair safely?
A: Always following the manufacturer instructions for use and maintenance while also being careful and attentive are the best ways to remain safe in your wheelchair

Q: What safety precautions should you remember regarding wheelchairs?
A: Avoid leaning forward when operating your wheelchair. Ensure your brakes are locked before exiting your wheelchair. Don’t position yourself too far from the center of your seat.

Q: Can pushing a wheelchair cause back pain?
A: Yes, published studies have shown that pushing a heavy wheelchair regularly can cause lower back injury. So, you may want to upgrade from a manual to a power chair with a remote attendant control.

Contact Redman today!

Contact us today and let us help you stay safe. Our team is ready and willing to customize a power chair to meet your needs! Give us a call at 800-727-6684 to get started.

10 Tips for Moms in Wheelchairs

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to your chair, there’s no denying that becoming a parent comes with a slew of new challenges! Luckily, Redman Power Chair is here to provide you with our top ten tips for moms in wheelchairs.

Tips for moms in wheelchairs

Modify before baby arrives

Cribs are comfy and cozy for your baby, but a tall, static railing to keep them safe may spell difficulties for you loading them in and out on your own. Consider searching for a crib that has a gate-like function. You can find these cribs specially designed, purchase one from another wheelchairing parent that doesn’t need it anymore, or even look up tutorials for making over a classic crib to be more accessible yourself.

Get Creative at Playtime

Especially in the first year, babies spend a lot of time close to the ground. Before you resign to spend your days bent over in your chair and watching out for little fingers and toes, consider setting up some safe play spaces for your child at your level. Whether that’s a raised play pen or adjustable rails around a bed or couch, be ready to find creative ways to be comfortable at playtime. Let’s continue with more tips for Moms in Wheelchairs.

Adjust for Skill Developments

Those same tips for playtime apply to the more serious play of skill development. Learning to crawl and walk will involve help and support from you, mom! Having safe surfaces that are easy for you to access will help ensure learning new skills is enjoyable for all.
Babywearing: Not only is baby wearing scientifically proven to help calm baby’s nervous system, it’s also convenient for you! There are countless wrap and carrier options available to hold baby close while leaving you hands free – giving you a much needed reprieve during the day.

Baby Proofing

Rather than scrambling around to keep junior from getting into the knife drawer or attempting to traverse the stairs once again, taking some baby proofing steps before your baby is more mobile can be helpful. Baby gates, child locks, and outlet covers may seem like overkill when your newborn bundle of joy is just starting to roll over on their own, but when the time comes, it’s nice to be prepared!

Consider some Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom might not be at the top of your list with a newborn to care for, but making a few adjustments with your bath time routine in mind can be well worth it. Installing a wheelchair accessible sink to bathe your baby might be more economical than you think and will certainly go a long way in increasing your capabilities at bath time.

Have an option for Offroading

To avoid keeping yourself and baby cooped up in the house unnecessarily, it’s nice to have a chair you can rely on to take you where you want to go. Having an option that you know can take you down the street to the park or onto grass becomes all the more advantageous when you have a little one to entertain!

Find the right Support

Having a support system cannot be emphasized enough. You never need to feel like you’re facing these new challenges alone. Chances are, if you have a question about momming from a wheelchair, someone else has had it before! There are numerous online forums as well as in-person communities to help get you the support you need. Take some time to research the groups you may find helpful in your area and make some new friends along the way.

Search for helpful Products

There are numerous blog sources and YouTube videos of other moms who have been in your shoes and found the baby products that are indispensable to them. Don’t hesitate to use these resources and consider the products that will be most helpful for you and your family.

Get Ready to get Mom-Strong!

Who knew babies could be so heavy? Even with all the right tips, tricks, and products on hand, caring for a baby is tough! You’re likely to be bending, lifting, moving and squeezing in new ways than before. If you’re able, finding time to prioritize building up strength before baby arrives (or during nap time!) can make sore biceps one less worry. Follow these tips for moms in wheelchairs to help make the job easier on you.

Redman Power Chair is dedicated to making power chairs as dependable as you are. To see why a Redman Chair is a great fit for your growing family, continue exploring our website and schedule your test drive today. You got this, mom!

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How to Maintain your Wheelchair

Your wheelchair should be so comfortable that with a little practice it feels like an extension of yourself — and you should care for it in much the same way! A broken down wheelchair spells trouble for your day-to-day activities and mobility, and could even be dangerous or put you in harm’s way. By taking a bit of time to understand how to properly care for and maintain your equipment, you can ensure your chair is operating smoothly long into the future.

Banner for our instructions on how to maintain your wheelchair.Be Your Own Best Advocate

You’ll likely be the first to notice if something has gone awry with your chair. Even if you’re not able to perform the necessary repairs yourself, it’s a good idea to have a maintenance routine in place to avoid ever having your chair be out-of-order.

Don’t wait! You can get a head start on knowing how to maintain your wheelchair the day it’s delivered. First, familiarize yourself with your chair’s owner manual. Some repairs may be covered by your warranty and easily taken care of by your service provider.

Next, it’s a good idea to have a set of tools on hand to take care of more minor repairs yourself or with the help of a caretaker. A few useful tools may include an Allen wrench set, phillips and flat head screw driver, spoke wrench, and tire repair kit.

Lastly, keep a list of useful information and phone numbers close at hand. This may include the number for your chair’s service provider, transportation alternatives, who to call in case of emergencies, and other helpful contacts. This can be a major key in knowing how to maintain your wheelchair.

Keep it Clean

Just as with your body, keeping your chair clean helps to cut down on germs and the chance of infection. You can maintain the cleanliness of your chair by wiping it down regularly with a damp cloth and mild detergent, ensuring not to use harsh chemicals that may break down the materials of your chair or be irritating to your skin. Use a small tool to keep cogs and wheels free of debris and consider using a car wax on your chair’s frame.

Keep an Eye Out

If you’re able, regularly give your chair a once-over to check for any potential problems. These may include cracks or breaks in the frame, tears in upholstery, or loose screws. Regular use of your chair will also help to maintain it and ensure you notice as soon as something feels off. For power or motorized wheelchairs, check that all moving parts are free from entanglements and cords, electrical connections are free of corrosion, and all wires are secured in the correct place. Remember that batteries are more likely to keep their charge if charged up regularly.

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Your Perfect Power Chair

Of course, the key to knowing how to maintain your wheelchair starts with choosing the perfect fit from the start! At Redman Power Chair, we are not just selling a high quality motorized standing wheelchair, we are giving mobility back to the men, women and children that need it most. With the Chief 107-ZRx, that starts with a free demo and the potential for a personalized fit to meet and exceed your comfort and mobility needs. Continue exploring our website to learn more and see what a difference a Redman Power Chair could make in your life.

Wheelchair Hacks 2019

One of the goals of the Redman Power Chair is to take the limitations out of being in a wheelchair! Listed below are some of our top Wheelchair Hacks for cooking, traveling, and more.

In the Kitchen Wheelchair Hacks:

  • Zip ties: Helpful in more ways than you might think! Zip ties can be used to extend your reach, especially if you are unable to adapt your kitchen. Use them around refrigerator handles, cabinet knobs, and anywhere else you find helpful.
  • Invest in comfortable containers. Have some containers on hand that are a convenient size and easy for you to open and close to make accessing kitchen storage a breeze.
  • Non-slip drawer liners. Lining your cabinets and drawers will help to keep items from moving around or sliding to the back and out of reach.
  • Purchase a lap desk. Having a mobile work surface helps to keep food prep within reach and can be used as a tray when carrying hot items from one surface to the next.

Wheelchair Hacks 2019

On the road (or in the air!) Wheelchair Hacks:

  • Consider purchasing an ultralight travel ramp for your next roadtrip. Thanks to their carbon fiber, Ultralight ramps can handle up to 600lbs while only weighing eight pounds themselves! Helping to make travel more convenient and eliminate a heavy ramp weighing you down.
  • Staying out of town? Get some bed assist straps to help you maneuver in and out of unfamiliar beds with conveniently placed and easy to use handles.
  • Make sure your next suitcase has spinner wheels. These are wheels that don’t just roll forward and backward, but in every direction with ease! Helping to make airport navigation a breeze.
  • Consider a phone charger that connects to your chair. This way you can keep your phone powered up off your chair’s battery while also keeping it within reach. 
  • Check out websites like seatguru.com when booking your flight. They’ve conveniently listed seating charts for most plane types so you can select the seat most comfortable for you. 

Other everyday hacks:

  • Keep plastic bags on hand to help protect your chair’s hardware (like the joystick) in wet or rainy conditions.
  • Purchase touch lamps. Not only are they fun, but they take the difficulty out of getting to a hard-to-reach switch. 
  • Light candles without burning your fingers by using an incense stick for extension.
  • Keep a flashlight accessible on your chair to help when navigating dark sidewalks, increase your visibility, and travel more safely.
  • Attach paper clips, safety pins, or keyrings to zippers to maintain easy open and closure for your jackets and bags.

Live Your Best Life with Redman Power Chair

At Redman Power chair, we are dedicated to improving your quality of life through innovative mobility. Learn more about what makes our chair different with a look around our website: https://www.redmanpowerchair.com


Redman Revolutionizes Wheelchair Repair with How-to Videos

America’s top-selling standing wheelchair is providing a new resource for customers with a bit of do-it-yourself-flare. By popular demand, the Redman Power Chair company has created the first of many online videos covering small repairs and maintenance to its power wheelchair.

“We’ve always been proud of our reliability and commitment to high customer service, but there are times when the customer simply wants to do repairs and upgrades themselves.”

“Customers have been asking for a way to do simple repairs more quickly and on their own and these videos will serve as a very useful resource to those folks,” continued Redman. “We are pleased to have them available for download on our website at https://www.redmanpowerchair.com.”

About Redman Power Chair

With headquarters in Tucson, Ariz., Redman Power Chair has pioneered the standing wheelchair and reclining wheelchair providing innovative solutions for standing and mobility solutions for over 20 years. As seen on Manufacturing Marvels with John Criswell during the Freedom Watch program on FOX Business Network, the power chair moves you in a whole new way—it stands, reclines, tilts, and power-elevates your legs effortlessly and is completely customized. The Redman Power Chair is available nationwide. More information can be found at https://www.redmanpowerchair.com or at 520-546-6002 or 1-800-727-6684, option1, then option 2.


What Is the Gel Battery Break-In Procedure?

All deep cycle gel batteries require complete recharging (regardless of use) for the first 20 days of use in any power mobility product. Failure to do this could shorten the driving range and may affect the overall life of the batteries.  Please click the link to view an excerpt from our manual regarding the gel batteries break-in procedure.

Gel Battery Break In

Design Control Meeting

What happens in a Redman Power Chair design control meeting? When Don Redman met with Steve and Mike from the Redman production department, they put their heads together to critique each others ideas to build a better product.

They recently discussed thoughts about improving the “Boomerang” attachment, which replaces the previous gear assembly. It currently allows you to add all the weight one could reasonably apply to the arm rest while keeping the system stable. Working on adding adjustability to the shear mechanism to control the speed of the movement to minamalize shearing forces.

The group also discussed some new aesthetic options to streamline the appearance for the chairs future models. They also covered some other “top secret” ideas in the works that will be revealed in time. These regular brainstorming sessions are significant to the ongoing process of improving the company’s standing power wheelchair.


Mike pointing to the Boomerang mechanism, while Steve sits in total awe.
Don and Mike brainstorming some ideas.
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