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Types of Insurance Policies and How to Evaluate Different Options

November 14, 2023
In today’s world, unpredictability reigns supreme. Whether it’s an unexpected illness, a sudden accident, or the wear and tear of life’s many adventures, life has a way of presenting us with challenges when we least expect them. For those of us relying on powered wheelchairs to navigate the …

Electric Wheelchairs Covered by Medicare

May 12, 2020
Medicare Part B has a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) benefit that covers things like walkers, wheelchairs, CPAP machines, diabetic supplies, and more. However, Medicare has a specific process for determining coverage for each piece of durable medical equipment you need. Generally, Medicare w…

Are Motorized Wheelchairs Covered by Insurance?

September 25, 2019
Are Motorized Wheelchairs Covered by Insurance? Yes, motorized wheelchairs are covered by insurance. While each person’s situation is different, there are many cases were an insurance provider will cover the cost of motorized or power wheelchair. Many wheelchair companies quote standing wheelcha…

Do Insurance Companies Cover Electric Wheelchairs?

September 10, 2016
Let’s discuss do Insurance Companies cover electric wheelchairs? Yes, insurance companies do cover and pay for electric wheelchairs and can be coordinated by the Redman Power Chair in house insurance department through your insurance company to help you obtain a power wheelchair at little or no …
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