Complex Rehab Technology (CRT)

Complex Rehab Technology: Power Wheelchair

Have you been diagnosed with a condition that limits your mobility? You may be a candidate for a specialized complex rehab technology solution or CRT.

CRT Rehab power wheelchairs augment or replace function while providing support surfaces. They can assist in building and maintaining muscle strength and elasticity and enable improved participation in everyday life.

What is Complex Rehab Technology?

CRT refers to technologically advanced devices that help an individual fulfill their needs and which are medically necessary. CRT components are not off-the-shelf products; they require a custom-tailored approach to each individual, including evaluation, measurement, configuration, fitting, adjustment, and even custom programming.

Who Might Need Complex Rehab Technology?

Candidates for CRT may include people with congenital defects, an adverse neuromuscular diagnosis, or a serious injury. Common diagnoses requiring CRT might include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis (MS), muscular dystrophy (MD), cerebral palsy (CP), spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries (SCI), and other progressive or degenerative neuromuscular diseases.

What is the difference between Complex Rehab Technology and Durable Medical Equipment?

While CRT is usually a fully customized and technological solution to help people with very serious conditions, DME refers to equipment that is more generally available. This can include items like conventional wheelchairs, electric scooters, and even simple devices like walkers and canes. DME items can often be obtained without a prescription from any DME provider, including corner drug stores. CRT equipment almost always has power components and is customized for the individual.

A CRT wheelchair can offer life-altering assistance to patients in dire medical and functional need. Power wheelchairs with CRT can finally make possible the completion of Mobility Related Activities of Daily Living, or MRADLs. Everyday tasks like doing laundry, prepping dinner, getting dressed, bathing and eating may seem simple for an able-bodied person. But for a person with disabilities, a CRT power wheelchair can make such seemingly impossible tasks not only possible, but enjoyable again. Sometimes these can even be accomplished with limited assistance or even completely independently with the aid of CRT.

Do I qualify for a CRT Wheelchair?

If you are living with a disability, have suffered trauma, or have recently been diagnosed with a disability that affects your mobility, your insurance may cover a Complex Rehab Technology Power Chair. To get more information about the eligibility of your specific diagnosis, check with your doctor or insurance company. Your doctor or physical therapist can arrange for a personal evaluation, and your health care provider will then determine whether you qualify. CRT Power Chairs require a prescription and some supporting documents that can then be sent to the chair retailer for fulfillment.

Is Redman Power Chair a CRT Device?

Yes. The Redman Power Chair is a Multi-Option Group 3 power wheelchair. Its one-of-a-kind design provides the gold star standard in power chair mobility. Each chair is custom made to fit the user to optimize comfort and functionality. This chair allows the user to have a full range of motion from standing to tilting back. This unique CRT device is singular in its ability to support organ function; improve circulation; freedom to the user; and much more.

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