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Four Power Chair Ability Products/Accessories New To Market in 2022

Advancements in patient care are happening all the time to meet the growing demand for improved quality of life. Customers are increasingly looking to the tech and manufacturing fields to create the pieces that make their daily process of living more enjoyable.

This year, Redman is helping you to update your gift guides for power wheelchair users with new industry gadgets and services that have just hit the market!

Lower Cost Software Solutions

The popularity of telehealth has allowed the healthcare system to treat patients using power wheelchairs by operating outside of set appointment times and expiration dates. By creating an online portal for physicians to identify health complaints and focus on finding patient solutions, telehealth has achieved a better line of communication between doctor and patient.


The Need for New Software

The next step in improving telehealth for complex rehab is utilizing better software to work within this new delivery of healthcare.

ATLAS is a new clinical evaluation software. Physicians and therapists can use ATLAS Clinical Evals Software (ACES) to prepare integrated patient mobility evaluations from home and then refer them seamlessly to the secured ACES portal.

Easier Access To Insurance

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Now, instead of needing to schedule and wait for an appointment slot at a physician’s office and find transportation to a medical center, then waiting even longer on insurance confirmation that often takes months for approval on purchasing electric wheelchairs, patients can have a telehealth evaluation completed from the comfort of their home.

The ACES system allows you to set an appointment, complete the evaluation for power chairs from your home via easy to access video link, and even submit the doctor’s finished report to any necessary insurance companies.

Improved Comfort for Electric Wheelchair Users

A variety of advancements have been made in the category of comfort for those living life from a wheelchair, including:

Matrx PSP HD Cushion


The PSP (Posture Seat Polymer) cushion combines durability and support while still being lightweight thanks to a polymer overlay. Enjoy superior protection and more comfortable positioning with a reliable moisture barrier. Current sizes are rated for a weight capacity up to 600lbs.

LUCI AIR For Proper Seat Width and Offloading

luci air

Luci air is a small device that monitors the air pressure and seat depth in a client’s seat cushion, ensuring it is inflated to a comfortable and safe degree. But the Luci air doesn’t stop there! It also has the ability to track sitting time as well as time spent offloaded from the cushion. This data can then be used to manage comfort, set offloading goals, manage skin irritations, and more. This type of tech can help motivate standing chair users to elevate more often to improve overall health and circulation.

Q’STRAINT ONE For a More Portable Wheelchair

qstraint - powerchair ability products

The Q’straint One is an all-in-one power wheelchair securement station for vehicles. It replaces more complicated contraptions while still offering heavy-duty securement. Now your wheelchair can fit into tight spaces within vehicles and remain secure through rough terrain or transportation for daily living.

Whether using mid or rear-wheel drive, large wheels or small, the all-in-one design is highly customizable while fitting better into small spaces.

Advance Your Mobility with Redman Power Chair

For greater mobility for you or a family member, consider moving forward with a Redman Power chair!

Moves Intrinsically

redman power chair

The Redman Chief 107-ZRx moves intrinsically to mimic your body and offers unique positions – Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Tilt in Space – that no other chair offers. With a long-range battery, intuitive brake system, and reliable back cushions that are tailor-made, the Redman Power Chair is built with comfort and function in mind.

The Only Mid-Wheel Standing Chair With Positioning

The Redman Power Chair is the only mid-wheel standing chair that elevates, tilts, stands, and reclines using an exclusive counterbalancing system. Travel at 6.5 miles per hour for 15-20 miles with a full charge.

Continuing Technological Advancements & Support

With over 35 years of technological advancements – including multiple proprietary and patented designs – our custom-tailored wheelchair allows for uncompromised mobility and accessibility to interact more fully with the world around you.

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