Reclining Wheelchair Features

Prepare for complete flexibility like never before with Redman’s Reclining Wheelchair.

Unlike most of our competitors, our reclining wheelchair compensates mechanically for body positioning by automatically readjusting armrests and lateral supports. The Chief 107-ZRX tilting wheelchair gives you an immense range of motion with individual leg and back positioning systems. This gives you the ability to raise or lower your legs while separately raising or lowering your torso.

Our recliner wheelchair is low profile allowing you to comfortably fit under tables and desks. You can also enjoy numerous activities with increased comfort such as stretching, napping and watching television. The ability to recline also improves circulation and the ability for sore spots to heal.

The mobility you will achieve from the Chief 107-ZRX is unbelievable. We offer a completely free trial that may just change your life forever.

If you are in a wheelchair – don’t you want it to be a comfortable one? Here is a list of just a few of the benefits of a reclining wheelchair.

Benefits of Reclining Wheelchairs

  • Comfort – Recliner wheelchairs greatly improve the comfort factor of being in a wheelchair. Many scenarios such as lying down, reclining under desks, and eating with food trays are much easier.
  • Pressure Sores – The ability to recline helps distribute body weight and reduce pressure sores.
  • Edema and Circulation – Wheelchair users who have edema in their legs benefit greatly from reclining. It helps improve circulation and the natural flow of nutrients throughout the body.
  • Transfers – Transferring from a reclining wheelchair to a bed is much easier than the standard wheelchair. The wheelchair can be adjusted to the same elevation as the bed; the user only needs to slide from the chair to the bed.
  • Hypotension – Hypotension is the medical term for low blood pressure. In many cases, elevating the feet reduces the symptoms of low blood pressure.
  • Bladder and Bowel function – Reclining is also beneficial for bladder and bowel function. Certain forms of catheterization are also easier in a reclined position.