Reaching Freedom with Redman Power Chair

Sam recently had some adventures in Canada, delivering a new Redman Power Chair to Cathy Bouthot in Chilliwack, BC. Cathy and her husband, Brian, were very happy to get her fitted for her new standing power chair. The occupational therapist, Joann, was also present to evaluate the fitting. The therapist was so impressed with our chair, she said anyone who finds out about it is going to want one. After 24 years with Multiple Sclerosis, Cathy is now able to do things again like topping the Christmas tree and helping herself to the freezer and overhead microwave. Brian sent us the following pictures with his sentiments…

“Thank you Sam Redman! He endured our ravenous Canadian Border drones and brought my wife and I the best Christmas present ever! After 24 years she can stand again! Chairapy is under way! Quality materials, honest helpful service, and engineering excellence! The Original American economic model in action that will always work!”

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  1. mark aziere says:


    My name is Mark Francis Aziere. I am sold on your product .
    line and I want to be your sales and service technician for my area, Tulsa, and beyond. I want one of these chairs for my son, Mark Edward. He was a Marine, made it through Desert Storm, only to
    be paralyzed, C5 down, in a car accident in 1993. There could be nothing more rewarding than for each of us to look each other in the eye, from a standing position!
    Please contact me, I am very serious!
    Mark “Moonman” Aziere
    USAF Veteran

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