Redman Power Chair Unveils the 2013 Model

Redman Advances the 20 Year Legacy with the New Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Chair

From the leaders of standing technology comes the latest advancement in the 20 year legacy. Redman Power Chair introduces the 2013 model of the already jaw-dropping Chief 107-ZRx to kick off the New Year.

New features and an incredibly sleek design improve on the Chief 107-ZRx and introduce the new face of standing power chairs. The look and feel of the Redman image has shifted into the New Year with a more modern and eye-catching image complete with a redesigned website that is contemporary and sleek, much like the chair itself. Explore the website to see the changes and watch a preview video of the new model.

The focus of the Redman team this year is to continue to provide top-rate service and products, and to additionally show that they are working diligently to improve each year. The folks at Redman Power Chair have been working on only one model for the past 20 years and it has surely come a long way since the first Chief 107-ZRx. Some of the new features of the 2013 model include: new extreme seat angle with “low” seat height in rear (just 15”), new “high-leg” design which raises 5” higher with improved ergonomics, new “Bull Frog” forks and wheels, a smaller battery box, and much much more.

flexibilityIn addition to the 2013 Chief 107-ZRx, Redman plans to partner up with other providers to expand on useful products that can enhance the lives of their chair users. Keep an eye out for these changes as well and expect the same quality in products as anything with the Redman name on it.

In upholding Redman’s value of excellent service, reliable products, and innovative technology, their new look has shifted into 2013 seamlessly. The bold design and eye-catching colors are a poster for innovation and a perfect representation of new beginnings. There is much to learn about the Chief 107-ZRx and the benefits of standing, all of which you can read more on this website.

About Redman Power Chair:

Redman Power Chair has been perfecting the art of standing technology for over twenty years. The Chief 107-ZRx standing power wheelchair goes where no standard power wheelchair has gone before—it allows you to stretch, recline, stand, and move like you never thought possible. Redman’s attention to detail, innovative technology, and focus on customer satisfaction sets the bar for power wheelchair companies everywhere. For more information, contact us today by calling Sam Redman at 1(800)727-6684.

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