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Redman Power Chair and our newest customer testimonial video by Bob Nedens was mentioned in a news article from Agora Financial’s “Breakthrough Technology Alert”. Here is the snippet and the video:

“Imagine how much better off we would be today if the resources wasted on the stimulus had gone into innovation. It’s innovation, after all, that creates growth and sustainable employment. I’m not sure which group irritates me more, the promoters of big government spending or the short attackers who are using the UCSD study to scare investors away from regenerative medicine. Both groups are slowing human progress while prolonging and multiplying suffering.Just to put a human face on this real struggle we are fighting against ignorance, I’d like to tell you about my cousin’s husband, Bob Nedens. Nine years ago, he was an active horseman and private pilot. An off-road accident crushed his spine. Today, he’s quadriplegic, though he has begun to recover some movement because his spine is injured, but intact. Bob has never lost hope or his love of life, and he works hard on his therapies. He also has the benefit of new technologies that make his life far better than it would have been not long ago.

For years, he and his wife have raved about his Redman power chair . Because he lives on a ranch located in very rugged portion of the Crow Indian Reservation, power chairs that would suffice in city conditions won’t do the job. He needs an “off-road” power chair Chief 107ZRx. I’ve seen him use it, via a command menu controlled by a breathing tube. It’s pretty remarkable, and it wouldn’t be possible without recent advances in computer technology.

We’re all grateful for that technology, but regenerative medicine will someday cure spinal cord injuries. Fully severed spinal cords present far more serious challenges, but we now know that even seemingly dead nerve cells can be regenerated if they are still intact. For that reason, there’s reason to believe that the cure for Bob’s injury is not far-off.”

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Beb Nedens gets a snappy new Redman Power Chair!

Bob Nedens is a long time Redman Power Chair user and he just received his new Chief 107 Redman Power Chair edition, replacing his trusty old Chief 107ZRx. Check out his superior skill on the straw… perhaps he should take up the harmonica??? Seriously though folks, this video shows Bob maneuvering with the ultimate of precision while testing out his new chair at our headquarters in Tucson, Arizona. The new Redman Power Chair is very “snappy” according to Bob, and it was very easy for him to tune into the new speedier and precise frame geometry. He was so good, I didn’t even flinch when he headed in my direction!

The health benefits realized by Bob and his caregiver wife Karen are enormous. Bob has not suffered any urinary tract infections or pressure sores, and takes no medication for spasticity. While we can’t take all the credit for Bob’s incredible success, Bob and Karen would agree the Redman Power Chair has been very useful in the prevention of the health issues common to chair users at his level of injury.


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