What Is the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

Actually, there is no “best” wheelchair for elderly people in general. That’s because every older person has individual needs. The needs of one elderly person may be very different from the needs of another. That means in order to choose the right wheelchair for your elderly loved one, you should conduct an analysis of the would-be user to see what areas they are impacted in.

As we age, our mobility becomes limited. For many seniors, a wheelchair enables improved participation in everyday life. There are a lot of wheelchairs to choose from on the market. Each one is intended to provide specific benefits and advantages based on patient needs. For elderly people, it’s essential to get them a wheelchair that’s both comfortable, sturdy, and functional. Before purchasing a wheelchair for an elderly person, there are several factors to consider:

Two of the most important factors are a wheelchair’s weight and width. Sometimes a lightweight, folding chair is needed so it can be easily placed in the trunk of a car – there are many great chairs available with these features. If portability isn’t an issue, the Redman power chair can be a great option because it is the narrowest chair of its type – just 23 inches wide – allowing it to fit narrow doorways and hallways. And even though it is not lightweight, it’s completely self-powered so a caregiver doesn’t have to push it. It also has remote attendant controls that can be hand-held or placed in the rear of the chair making it easier for caregivers to maneuver.

Benefits of Body Positioning for Seniors in Wheelchairs

Since most elderly people also lose strength over time, they may use their wheelchair as a means of support when interacting with the world. A Redman Power Chair is a complex rehabilitation chair, technically known as a multi-option group 3 power wheelchair. Rehab chairs augment or replace function while providing support surfaces. Because the chair allows for infinite body positions at the touch of a button, it can help build and maintain muscle strength and elasticity. It can help strengthen core and leg muscles and help stretch cords and tendons when using different positions. It gives the senior access to physical therapy any time they want!

When considering the comfort of a wheelchair for your elderly loved one, it’s important to gauge how many hours a day they will need to spend sitting and how that may affect their body. Many elderly people suffer from swelling and edema in their feet and legs. Others often get pressure ulcers or bed-sores in areas of prolonged pressure because of so much time spent in one position. A chair that offers body positions others than just sitting will help to prevent pressure sores, reduce swelling and edema, and even help improve circulation and organ function.

Another important benefit to note in regards to the positioning capability of a wheelchair is the ability to lie the user flat. This can not only allow the elderly person to enjoy a mid-day nap in a more comfortable position, reducing neck strain and pressure on the bottom but can be useful for caregivers as well. Should your loved-one require the use of diapers, being able to lay them flat allows for easy changing without the need for cumbersome transfers. This can help keep them clean, dry, and overall happier and healthier.

What is the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

As we have discussed thus far, every elderly person has different needs when it comes to mobility. That’s why it’s so important to speak with them to evaluate their needs and thus make an educated purchase decision.

Once you have a clear idea of what the elderly person needs, you can start scouting wheelchairs. There are a few main types of wheelchair options for seniors. Each of them delivers unique benefits that can help improve your mobility with ease.

Here are the primary types of wheelchairs available:

  • Lift Chairs
  • Rollators & Walkers
  • Lightweight Manual Chairs
  • Ultralight Manual Chairs
  • Standard Manual Wheelchairs
  • Heavy-Duty Manual Wheelchairs
  • Rehab Wheelchairs
  • Standing Wheelchairs
  • Electric Wheelchairs

If you’re unsure about which wheelchair type is best for their needs, do some research to find out more about the specific benefits each offers. The health, mobility, and comfort of the elderly person in question should be the top priorities.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for the Elderly

If you’re able to secure a wheelchair for an elderly person through their insurance provider, you can even ask them about details regarding which wheelchair is best suited for your intended purpose. They will also be able to give you personalized advice on how to choose the optimal wheelchair.

Once you’ve determined the wheelchair features you desire for your loved one, it can be helpful to see if insurance will cover some of the costs. Most insurances will help cover when the need for the chair is due to mobility loss, old age, and secondary diagnoses.

You can call your insurance company for a list of contracted wheelchair providers – the number is typically on the back of the insurance ID card. Then it is up to you to research the individual wheelchair companies to see if their products meet your specific needs. Redman has a highly experienced insurance department that would gladly discuss options with you.

People Also Ask

Q: What is the best wheelchair on the market?
A: The Redman power chair is considered to be one of the best wheelchairs on the market. It’s made in America and is manufactured and sold factory direct.

Q: Which wheelchair is easiest to push?
A: Transport wheelchairs are the easiest to push. That’s because they have small wheels compared to standard wheelchairs. That allows caregivers to push the wheelchair without as much exertion. Another option is a power wheelchair with a remote attendant control.

Q: How long does a wheelchair last?
A: On average, most wheelchairs last about 5 years. The lifespan of a given chair often depends on how well it’s maintained.

Understanding what is the best wheelchair for elderly

In this article, we’ve covered a variety of information to consider when choosing a wheelchair for an elderly person. You can use this article to help you make the right decision about which wheelchair is best to help your senior loved-one attain the mobility and health benefits he or she needs and deserves. If you’ve decided to look into a body positioning power chair, contact us at 800-727-6684 to see if you might qualify for a Redman!

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