Why the Redman Standing Wheelchair Makes All Other Wheelchairs and Standing Frames Obsolete

The wheelchair has been around since the late 16th century and no one can deny the amazing effect it has had on the disabled community.  It has given those with challenged mobility the ability to be self sufficient, and to go where they had trouble going before.  Advances in the wheelchair and standing frames have brought us to the amazing technologies our time has to offer.  Though these advances are a huge milestone for many, a typical wheelchair and standing frame can often be problematic for the user.  Redefining the wheelchair is the key, and the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair does just that. Here’s how:

No More Restrictions

The Redman Standing Power Wheelchair offers a vast range of positioning that the traditional wheelchair cannot match–this means fewer restrictions and more freedom.

Standing – Redman Power Chair users have the unique ability of being able to not only stand, but to move while standing. Utilizing the standing position offers invaluable health benefits (click to learn about the health benefits of standing wheelchairs). It also means having eye-to-eye conversations with others and also means having the ability to reach for things without the help of another person.  Redman Power Wheelchair users are independent and able to see life from an angle standard wheelchair users cannot.
Reclining – The Redman Standing Power Wheelchair is unique in that it gives you the ability to recline.  Being able to recline means better comfort for your back and torso by allowing it to rest from the sitting position.  It also means easier transfer. Redman’s chair compensates for body movement and its arms adjust automatically during the reclining process so that you can easily transfer directly from the laying position onto a bed with less effort than with a traditional chair.
Stretching – Due to the amazing positioning system in the Redman Power Chair, users are able to exercise in their chair, “We call it Chairapy: Enhancing your physical and mental well-being by positioning your body in any position desired allowing stretching and flexing of muscle groups.”  Much like yoga, users are able to stretch muscle groups that are often ignored in other chairs allowing for more comfort.redman power chair Chief 107-ZRX image
Maneuverability – The sturdy design of the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair allows it to conquer rough terrain unlike any standard power chair without compromising speed.  The chair can handle bumps and dirt roads giving the user the ability to go almost anywhere.  The compact size of the chair allows ease of mind for its users.  Doorways are easier to fit through and hallways are not an issue–even traveling with the Redman chair is a breeze, its gel-cell is allowed on an aircraft.

More Benefits than We can Count

If no more restrictions wasn’t a benefit enough, the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair offers several physical and psychological benefits that are just as valuable. These benefits include:

  • Improving urinary health and bowel function
  • Reducing spasticity and pressure sores
  • Ease of transfer
  • Reduced hypotension
  • Increased circulation
  • Independence
  • Reduced depression and fatigue
  • Increased cognition, and much much more…

The quality of life for the Redman Standing Power Wheelchair user is greatly improved both physically and mentally. Regaining independence improves every aspect of the user’s life making them more energized and generally happier.

The Redman Standing Power Wheelchair is completely customizable from fit, to function, to the color of the chair (including some really fun patterns).  A perfect fit means being able to take full advantage of the benefits of the Redman chair and to reach an independence you never thought possible.   The Redman chair truly revolutionizes mobility and gives wheelchair bound persons an experience and satisfaction that is unmatched and invaluable.  Call 1-800-727-6684 or visit https://redmanchair.wpengine.com/about-us/contact/ to schedule your free in-home demo today.

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