10 Tips for Moms in Wheelchairs

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand new to your chair, there’s no denying that becoming a parent comes with a slew of new challenges! Luckily, Redman Power Chair is here to provide you with our top ten tips for moms in wheelchairs.

Modify Before Baby Arrives

Cribs are comfy and cozy for your baby, but a tall, static railing to keep them safe may spell difficulties for you loading them in and out on your own. Consider searching for a crib that has a gate-like function. You can find these cribs specially designed, purchase one from another wheelchair parent that doesn’t need it anymore, or even look up tutorials for making over a classic crib to be more accessible yourself.

Get Creative at Playtime

Especially in the first year, babies spend a lot of time close to the ground. Before you resign to spend your days bent over in your chair and watching out for little fingers and toes, consider setting up some safe play spaces for your child at your level. Whether that’s a raised play pen or adjustable rails around a bed or couch, be ready to find creative ways to be comfortable at playtime. Let’s continue with more tips for Moms in Wheelchairs.

Adjust for Skill Developments

Those same tips for playtime apply to the more serious play of skill development. Learning to crawl and walk will involve help and support from you, mom! Having safe surfaces that are easy for you to access will help ensure learning new skills is enjoyable for all.
Babywearing: Not only is babywearing scientifically proven to help calm the baby’s nervous system, but it’s also convenient for you! There are countless wrap and carrier options available to hold baby close while leaving you hands-free – giving you a much-needed reprieve during the day.

Baby Proofing

Rather than scrambling around to keep junior from getting into the knife drawer or attempting to traverse the stairs once again, taking some babyproofing steps before your baby is more mobile can be helpful. Baby gates, child locks, and outlet covers may seem like overkill when your newborn bundle of joy is just starting to roll over on their own, but when the time comes, it’s nice to be prepared!

Consider Some Remodeling

Remodeling a bathroom might not be at the top of your list with a newborn to care for, but making a few adjustments with your bath time routine in mind can be well worth it. Installing a wheelchair-accessible sink to bathe your baby might be more economical than you think and will certainly go a long way in increasing your capabilities at bath time.

Have an option for Offroading

To avoid keeping yourself and baby cooped up in the house unnecessarily, it’s nice to have a chair you can rely on to take you where you want to go. Having an option that you know can take you down the street to the park or onto grass becomes all the more advantageous when you have a little one to entertain!

Find the Right Support

Having a support system cannot be emphasized enough. You never need to feel like you’re facing these new challenges alone. Chances are, if you have a question about “momming it” from a wheelchair, someone else has had it before! There are numerous online forums as well as in-person communities to help get you the support you need. Take some time to research the groups you may find helpful in your area and make some new friends along the way.

Search for Helpful Products

There are numerous blog sources and YouTube videos of other moms who have been in your shoes and found the baby products that are indispensable to them. Don’t hesitate to use these resources and consider the products that will be most helpful for you and your family.

Get Ready to Get Mom-Strong!

Who knew babies could be so heavy? Even with all the right tips, tricks, and products on hand, caring for a baby is tough! You’re likely to be bending, lifting, moving and squeezing in new ways than before. If you’re able, finding time to prioritize building up strength before baby arrives (or during nap time!) can make sore biceps one less worry. Follow these tips for moms in wheelchairs to help make the job easier on you.

Redman Power Chair is dedicated to making power chairs as dependable as you are. To see why a Redman Chair is a great fit for your growing family, continue exploring our website and schedule your test drive today. You got this, mom!

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