Month: January 2021

Tips for a Tidy Home – Living with MS

Living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be very challenging. The symptoms of MS can make it a struggle to perform basic household chores and completing those everyday tasks can seem hopeless! However, cleaning and decluttering the most lived-in areas of the home can offer surprising benefits for people living with MS. You can fight the fatigue, reduce stress, and increase positive emotions – with the help of these simple tips and tricks along your way… One Room at a Time: Don’t...

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Wheelchair Safety Tips

If you’re using a wheelchair, it’s likely because of a debilitating injury or a chronic disease. That means staying safe when operating your wheelchair is vital. Virtually all modern wheelchairs come with built-in safety measures, but that isn’t a foolproof safeguard against user error. As a user, you can do several things to put your safety at risk while using a wheelchair. At Redman, we’re a team of dedicated wheelchair specialists. Our entire goal is to provide our...

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