Month: July 2022

history of motorized wheelchair

The History of Motors in Wheelchairs

Motorized wheelchairs, also referred to as power-electric or powerchair, are wheelchairs that are powered by an electric motor rather than by hand. These powerchairs opened up a new realm of possibilities for people who were either physically unable to manually operate a self-propelled wheelchair or experienced difficulties with older mobility devices. Advancements in wheelchair technology are intended to allow people who use a traditional wheelchair to get around to go greater distances...

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famous wheelchair users - Franklin D Roosevelt

The Five Most Famous Wheelchair Users

In the face of great mobility challenges, countless world-changers and famous people have achieved great feats from their wheelchairs. From successful disabled athletes to members of the royal society, many famous disabled people have used wheelchairs, in some cases, for their entire life. When asked to recall famous people with disabilities, who comes to mind? Redman Power Chair has found the following list of the top five famous wheelchair users. Wheelchairs and Famous People: 1. Franklin...

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