Month: October 2021

Healthy Eating for Wheelchair Users

Benefits of Healthy Eating for Wheelchair Users

Being a wheelchair user isn’t easy. Many places, such as buildings and parking lots, aren’t built to accommodate people with personal mobility devices. Another lesser-known challenge for wheelchair users is staying fit and eating healthy. The Active Times reports that sitting for too long if you are abled can weaken your bones and muscles, which makes being sedentary a key concern for wheelchair users. This is because prolonged inactivity can increase your risk of developing...

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Standing Wheelchairs for Paraplegics & Quadriplegics

Standing Wheelchairs The thought of living with a quadriplegic diagnosis may be daunting. There are many things to consider when it comes to your mobility. A standing wheelchair for paraplegics or quadriplegics is a motorized chair that is powered by one or two batteries, with the intended purpose of traveling through all ranges of motion from the seated position to standing and back to prone, allowing a better posture in the standing position and the correction of symptoms like high blood...

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Support Systems and Resources for Wheelchair Users

It is sometimes hard for someone who is wheelchair-bound to feel independent, much less discover mobility solutions and obtain adaptive equipment without help, including financial assistance and support. There are many barriers for wheelchair users, but there are also many tools, systems, and resources available to help users gain their independence. We hope you are able to find some assistance in the following online resources. Government Agencies & National Disability Resources Family...

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