Month: December 2021

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Healthy Weight for Wheelchair Users

For wheelchair users, losing weight and keeping that weight off can often prove difficult as wheelchair users typically burn less calories through exercise compared to non-disabled persons. Since most wheelchair users have to transfer in and out of cars, beds, and bathtubs, being overweight can be a hinderance on daily activities for those with physical disabilities and even life threatening. Finding ways to exercise if and when possible surely helps if it is an option, but since that...

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Man with MS Sleeping

How to Sleep Better with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can affect you in many ways, like limiting and disrupting your sleep. Frequently, these sleep disruptions are caused by MS symptoms that may be felt gradually over the years. Doctors can use diagnostic imaging to monitor brain changes that may affect MS patients’ sleep habits and determine the appropriate treatments for each individual. Alternative medications for MS can also be employed to address sleeplessness issues. You can complement them with soothing methods...

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Wheelchair Travel Tips

Wheelchair Accessible Travel Tips

Wheelchair-accessible travel, whether you utilize a manual wheelchair or power wheelchair, can come with some obstacles and need for assistance. To provide you with optimal access for your next trip, we’ve compiled these vacation tips for wheelchair users – regardless of your destination. Wheelchair Accessible Travel Airports There are undoubtedly many worries that come with flying as a wheelchair user, but there are some things that you can do to make the process...

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