Month: March 2022

blueprint of standing wheelchair for quadriplegics

What Is a Standing Wheelchair for Quadriplegics?

A standing wheelchair for quadriplegics is a motorized chair that is powered by one or two batteries, with the intended purpose of traveling through all ranges of motion from sitting to standing and back to prone, allowing a better posture and the correction of symptoms like high blood pressure, caused by an individuals disability. Can a paraplegic or quadriplegic stand? A standing feature is an available option on most high-level powered wheelchairs and both mainstream, as well as...

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redman power wheelchair

The Best Power Wheelchair for Multiple Sclerosis

For those who have been diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis (MS), decisions about assertive technology can have a massive impact on their quality of life while managing the disease. MS is an auto-immune disorder affecting the central nervous system. MS affects neurons, which are the cells of the brain and spinal cord that transport information and allow the brain to control the body. With MS, the body’s neurons become damaged leading to degenerative symptoms related to muscle control and...

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