Month: January 2022

get a disabled person downstairs

How Can You Get a Disabled Person Downstairs?

When it comes to moving a disabled person downstairs, there are several options you have to choose from. One of the conventional transportation methods for disabled people is using a stairlift or stair rail. Both of these modes of transportation come with their own benefits as it relates to how easily you can move downstairs or anywhere else with a disability. Before installing any sort of transportation assistance system in your home, you must ensure that it comes from a reliable distributor...

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wheelchair on a plane

Can You Take a Wheelchair on a Plane?

People with disabilities are allowed to fly on airplanes, and airlines are required to do so free of charge. Before booking your flight, contact the airport or airlines to speak with someone who can give you the details of their specific accessibility policy. Also, remember to have the model and make of your wheelchair available so they can provide you with supporting details to board the plane. Airlines do their best to accommodate the needs of all their passengers; however, with so many...

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