Month: October 2020

Giving Mobility Back to People with Multiple Sclerosis

Your typical standing power chair is an automated device that helps its user move from a seated to standing position and back again. Some standing power chairs also enable users to fully recline. The Redman Power Chair goes much further. It doesn’t just facilitate standing and reclining, it offers a patented body-positioning system that enables users to enjoy a greater range of motion than other chairs. Stand Up for Your Health When power chair-using MS patients add standing to their...

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How to Get a Wheelchair

TLDR: finding a wheelchair without the right insurance coverage can be quite challenging. But, there are solutions available to those struggling to obtain a quality chair. One of the guaranteed ways to get a wheelchair is if you have Medicare Plan B. If you don’t, there are several other options. Some of the best nonprofit organizations to get a chair from are: Chariots of Hope, Medicaid, and LifeNets. Whether you were involved in a debilitating accident or just happened to sprain an...

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What Is the Best Wheelchair for the Elderly?

Actually, there is no “best” wheelchair for elderly people in general. That’s because every older person has individual needs. The needs of one elderly person may be very different from the needs of another. That means in order to choose the right wheelchair for your elderly loved one, you should conduct an analysis of the would-be user to see what areas they are impacted in. As we age, our mobility becomes limited. For many seniors, a wheelchair enables improved participation...

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