Giving Mobility Back to People with Multiple Sclerosis

Your typical standing power chair is an automated device that helps its user move from a seated to standing position and back again. Some standing power chairs also enable users to fully recline.

The Redman Power Chair goes much further. It doesn’t just facilitate standing and reclining, it offers a patented body-positioning system that enables users to enjoy a greater range of motion than other chairs.

Stand Up for Your Health

When power chair-using MS patients add standing to their daily routine, better health often follows. They enjoy better circulation, improved bowel and bladder function, higher bone density, greater muscle and joint flexibility, and enhanced morale.

Many say the improved quality of life is the greatest benefit. From their standing chairs, they can look friends and family in the eye and be taken more seriously.

Sports lovers? They aren’t avoiding the stadium anymore. When their team scores, they can stand up and cheer like everyone else.

Then there’s the man who wasn’t satisfied with merely attending his daughter’s wedding. Using his power chair, he walked his daughter down the aisle and got the reception off to a rollicking start with the traditional father-daughter dance. All great benefits of giving mobility back to people with Multiple Sclerosis with a Redman power chair.

Going Here, There, and Everywhere

Standing power chair users love the fact that they can stand. But they sure aren’t standing still. That’s because they don’t think of power chair life as confinement. Instead, they call it liberation.

And they’re taking that mindset out into the world. Standing chair users are enjoying everything from a regular day at the office to participating in conventions.
We’ve heard from many people who’ve gone hiking – and some who’ve enjoyed scuba diving trips.

Since Redman Power Chair users like to get out and about, the Chief 107-ZRx is designed to help them do just that. The seat base height is a standard 18 inches, making it easy to get under restaurant tables and school or office desks.

Redman chairs fit into a much smaller footprint than competing models. The Redman footprint is only 23 inches wide and 39 inches long, so you can easily maneuver those tight squeezes.

Every Redman Power Chair is custom-fitted to you and can be adapted to a wide variety of terrain. So, if your day includes a walk in the woods or work in your garden, Redman can take you there, standing up.

Motorized Wheelchair Details

The Original, One-Chair Pioneer

In 1984, Redman revolutionized the power chair industry by introducing the first standing chair. That has been the company’s focus ever since. Rather than offering a confusing array of makes and models, Redman builds just one uniquely advanced Standing Power Chair, the Chief 107-ZRx. Our design and functionality improvements have come directly from you – our valued customers – over 35 years.

The Chief 107-ZRx is the only power chair with a patented body positioning system. It’s a chair that’s designed to move with the user. The chair’s versatility extends to operational controls as well. It can be controlled by eye gaze, movements of the tongue or head, by hand, or by foot.

Unlike competitors’ chairs, the Redman system mechanically – and automatically – compensates for body position. With a Redman Power Chair, users can enjoy unassisted standing, reclining, tilting, and stretching. And every movement and position offers positive clinical health benefits!

Giving Mobility Back To People with Multiple Sclerosis with a Redman!

  • We build the smallest, lightest power chairs in the industry
  • Our chairs move intrinsically to mimic your body
  • Each chair is built specifically to fit the individual – no mass production
  • The only mid-wheel standing chair that elevates, tilts, stands, and reclines
  • Unique positions – Yoga, Stand & Stretch, Tilt in Space – that no other chair offers
  • 100% custom-manufactured in the USA by a family-owned company

Redman Power Chairs are proudly made in Tucson, Arizona, and sold all across the United States. We provide our expertise and services directly to you, with no middleman – including evaluation and fitting, delivery and setup with a complete fit/function guarantee, plus repair and maintenance through a nationwide network of trained staff. We offer live customer support 24/7/365 and accept all major credit cards and insurance plans. In fact, we’re one of just a few power chair companies with an in-house insurance department.

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