Off Road Power Wheelchair

Embrace your freedom with the Redman Power Chair, designed for domestic and off-road mobility alike. Utilizing the innovative technology that Redman Power Chair is known for, we guarantee pristine performance on all-terrain. With the Chief 107-ZRX you are no longer confined to limited surfaces. Thanks to our chair’s 4” ground clearance, the Redman Power Chair is engineered to get you where you want to go regardless of the rocks, branches, or debris in your path.

The Chief 107-ZRX allows users to participate in a variety of outdoor activities with family and friends regardless of uneven terrain and all with just the touch of a joystick. Designed to be your all-in-one power chair, Redman is dedicated to supplying a chair that meets all of your mobility needs. 

Superior Mid Wheel Design

Thanks to our “mid wheel” design, navigating your chair in a variety of environments has never been easier. Having our drive wheels in this mid-position makes turning natural and intuitive. The smaller the arc, the less centripetal force endured, increasing trunk stability, traction, and maneuverability. Improved stability and traction means better performance going up and down ramps, as well as easier traversing of slopes as momentum is improved.

The Best in Power and Control

Imagine being able to easily garden around your home again, and to even do it while standing! The Redman Power Chair’s off road capabilities are available in all positions, including seated, standing, and anywhere in between; all without compromising safety. In the past, utilizing a power chair meant being confined to sidewalks or smoothly paved streets, but as technology advances, the troubles of riding over bumpy and uneven surfaces becomes a thing of the past. Now you too can enjoy the benefits of a variety of outdoor activities with remarkable ease.

The Redman Power Chair

Give yourself the freedom you desire by taking our Chief 107-ZRX off road wheelchair for a test drive today. Continue to explore our website to learn more!

The superior maneuverability, small foot print and high quality craftsmanship can take you from dirt roads to the wooded terrain. Give yourself the freedom you desire by taking our Chief 107-ZRX off road wheelchair for a test drive today.


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