Redman compared to the rest…

I have been the proud owner of the Redman Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Wheelchair for over 1 1/2 years now and am very pleased with the chair and it’s capabilities.

I previously owned a Vertran Standing power chair but it had two big drawbacks: One, it had one Velcro chest strap that always left you leaning forward. And Two, It was front wheel drive and very cumbersome to drive in the house, i.e. (always running into walls or furniture when you turned) It was built in such a way that you could not install a pin for an E Z Lock so you could not drive with that chair.

I also tried the Levo Combi C3 but the chair lacked the stability when traveling in and out of the house while standing and the knee bolster was a weak point.

The Redman Chief 107-ZRx Standing Power Wheelchair is very secure when traveling in the standing position as they have the battery pack travel backwards as a counterbalance as you stand. The chair is mid-wheel drive so it responds quickly for maneuvering around the house or positioning yourself behind the wheel when you are driving from the chair. Another strength that the chair has is the padded metal knee bolster that holds you safe and secure as you stand and travel in the chair. The chest harness is very similar to a backpack and helps you to stand erect without causing fatigue.

All in all my wife and I rate this chair as the best that can be gotten. It is American Made and is quality through and through. As for service, the owners and staff will go the extra mile to make sure the fit and performance is top notch.

Brian D

Bangor, Maine




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